Evoluent Ergonomical Wireless VerticalMouse C Series

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3.9/5 on June 10, 2017

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Evoluent continues to evolve
It’s nice to see a product that’s great to start with continuing to get better over time. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 is an improvement over previous editions in shape, functionality, and even aesthetic appeal. For me, it remains a top recommendation.

It’s been six years since I first reviewed the Evoluent vertical mouse. Since then the Evoluent has undergone some expected generational revisions, but its core design principle of the “natural” handshake position for mousing remains the same. I recently got the opportunity to acquire a latest-gen Evoluent vertical mouse, called the VerticalMouse C, and I’ve spent some time checking out Evoluent’s latest tweaks to the product.

Compared to previous iterations, the Evoluent VerticalMouse C seems to better “fit” the natural grip of my hand. While the working angle remains the same as far as I can tell, the body shape of the mouse has taken on a more asymmetrical or forward-thrown aspect. In addition to making it feel better to hold, this looks really cool.

Speaking of looks, Evoluent’s fourth generation has introduced a reflective chrome finish to one side of the mouse. Aesthetically this is a nice touch, but the reflective surface could provide an unsettling glare under some lighting conditions. Similarly, the color-changing Evoluent logo looks great in room light, but becomes slightly blinding in the dark. (Which isn’t an issue for me as my eyes hate working without lots of backlight, but I know of gamers who appear to want their dens as black as pitch.)

A recap of the Whole Vertical Mouse Thing

In case you’ve been living under a rock – or a blocky, off-white mechanical mouse – since 1993, let’s recap the main reasons you’d want a vertical mouse in the first place. According to the school of thought that drives designs like the Evoluent, much of the main commonly suffered by mouse users can be traced back to the horizontal (“wrist-twisting”) design that still persists among the vast majority of mice. Even the more common “ergonomic” designs – the small, curvy mice often hawked to gamers in the big-box stores – don’t fully un-twist that wrist. Enter the vertical mouse, an innovation Evoluent claims to have single-handedly developed in the 90’s. With your hand very nearly in a thumb-up position ready for a handshake, the un-twisting is complete and – so goes the theory – pain should be lessened. As with every system and innovation out there, especially in ergonomics, your mileage may vary.

Here is our full review of the wired version of this mouse. Here is a short video review.


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