Evoluent Ergonomical Wireless VerticalMouse C Series

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4.1/5 on 27 December 2020

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Are you struggling to find the best ergonomic mouse? If so, don’t worry because you will find the best mouse that can provide comfort and relieve wrist pain. Evoluent was founded in 2001, and they released their first VerticalMouse in 2002.

VerticalMouse C series is the latest version of Evoluent. It is the perfect choice for people who spend lots of time using a computer or laptop. According to some users, it provides many ergonomic benefits. Here, we will discuss ergonomic mouse, and how can it help cure and heal the existing painful conditions. It doesn’t only provide a good grip, but it also promotes good health.

Pros of Ergonomic Mouse

Wireless VerticalMouse offers many health benefits, along with its unique and stylish design. Let’s discuss some major benefits of an ergonomic mouse.

  • Perfect Fit and Relaxing Grip

It is the latest model of Evoluent, and it is much better than previous models. It offers an excellent and relaxing grip. Moreover, its unique shape ensures that it supports even the last figure as well.

  • Avoids Forearm Twisting

It has an ergonomic shape that helps to keep your hand in an upright neutral posture. So it removes the forearm twisting and promotes good health. We have tested this product, and we have judged that it doesn’t only provide comfort, but also relieves wrist pain.

  • Adjustable Pointer Speed

Another useful feature of VerticalMouse is it contains a pointer speed button that helps control the pointer speed without changing your grip on the mouse. Moreover, it has LED pointer speed indicators to show speed from low to high.

  • Five Customizable Buttons

This mighty ergonomic mouse contains five buttons for performing many tasks without touching the keyboard and moving the mouse. It means that it can perform multiple tasks.

  • Hardware and Software Compatibility

This plug-n-play device is compatible with all operating systems. Just ensure that the operating system supports USB. No additional drivers required because it contains wheel function and basic button to perform all the tasks. Moreover, this ergonomic VerticalMouse comes with Mouse Manager Software that can help to customize these five buttons. This software is easy to use. This Mouse Manager software supports 10 Mac OS 10.5 TO 10.14. However, for 10.15, an update is under development.

  • High Level of Performance

VerticalMouse doesn’t only have a sleek design and streamlined shape; it also maintains a high level of performance.

  • Easy to Use

It’s easy to use and can offer more with little movements. Keep your rind hand on the mouse and do whatever you want to do without much effort. It contains a powerful driver that eliminates many arm movements.

  • Classical Shape

When you closely examine its shape, it looks like an almond. The right side of the mouse contains an LED Evoluent logo. Its sleeker design provides a much better feel than its predecessors.

  • Made of High-Quality Material

It is made of high-quality black plastic. While using this mouse, you will never feel that the mouse body or shape is irritating you. It has a smooth and matte finish.

  • Supports Good Health

One thing that many people overlook is the effect of the mouse on health. It is different than other versions because it provides wrist comfort. It’s not only easy on the arms; it also provides relief from joint pain.

Cons of Ergonomic Mouse

VerticalMouse offers many benefits. Meanwhile, it has some disadvantages as well.

  • Only for Right Hand

It is designed to be used only with the right hand. It is a serious disadvantage. If you want to use it with the left hand, it won’t work effectively. If you are left handed, check out DXT Ergonomic mouse.

  • Squeaky Wheel

It has been observed that the plastic wheel bracket starts to wear and creates squeaking noise on scrolling quickly. However, it might not happen to everyone. You can fix it by applying lubricants to the joints.

  • Slippery Plastic Feeling

It will happen with only some people because it depends on the surface on which you’re using the mouse. It’s an amazing mouse, and you will learn how to use it after using it daily.

  • Bit Small

It has a good design but might be small for average to large hands. It means that it’s a perfect pick for little hands.

Final Verdict

Based on the features and benefits, it can be said that it’s is worth buying a mouse. Indeed, every model of Evoluent is better than the previous one. It’s sleek design, shape, functionality, and performance makes it my top recommendation.

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