Wow Pen Joy WP-012-BK-E Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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3.9/5 on 5 November 2020

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Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a mouse that provides comfort and boost productivity at the same time. Surprisingly, Wow Pen Joy WP-012-BK-E Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse serves both functions. It’s not just like other mice; in fact, it’s a revolutionary addition to computer input devices. It contains advanced tracking sensors. This wired vertical mouse offers many features.


  • 6 mouse buttons
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux
  • 6-foot cord length
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Available in black color

Pros of Wow Pen Joy WP-012-BK-E Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

This vertical ergonomic mouse offers many benefits over traditional and other mice available in the market.

Easy to Move

It’s lightweight and easy to move. You don’t have to worry too much about its weight. You will enjoy using it.

Quick and Access to Buttons

It contains 6 buttons, such as Right, Left, Middle-click, Forward, Backward, and DPI changer. All these buttons are easy to click. Moreover, Back and Forward buttons are reachable with the thumb.

Nice Look and Design

It doesn’t only provide comfort, but it also looks nice. It has a perfect blend of dull rubbery and shiny areas that offer better control. So, it is an excellent choice. You would definitely love the size of a Wow Pen. Its sleek design allows you to grip the mouse firmly. Backward and forward buttons are positioned perfectly and away from the thumb so you won’t touch them accidentally.

Easy on the Arm

Your arm and hand will feel relaxed even after using it for a full day. It is a perfect choice for office people and those who spend most of the time using laptops or computers.

Provides Comfort

It doesn’t strain the hand and arm, so it provides comfort and relieves the wrist pain. If you do data entry or you’re a PC gamer, you might suffer from elbow pain. When you keep on using the traditional mouse, the pain will get worst. On the other hand, this vertical mouse will work correctly with your PC and laptop because pointer speed can be adjusted. After using this mouse, you’ll feel relieved from pain.

Perfect for Long-Term Use

It’s different from traditional mice because it can be used for years without any problem. You need to use it correctly, and it will be your companion for a long time.


Buying an ergonomic mouse is a worthy investment because it offers many benefits. Moreover, you’ll enjoy these benefits at a reasonable price. Perhaps, it’s the cheapest but valuable mouse among all the vertical ergonomic mice. You can trust that you won’t be wasting your money if you purchase this product.

Perfect for Smaller Hands

For data analysts and data entry operators, a traditional mouse can result in severe hand pain. This vertical mouse is perfect for small hands. If you have little hands, it will look like it’s made for you. It will fit perfectly into your hand and relieves hand pain.

Cons of Wow Pen Joy WP-012-BK-E Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Some critical issues with Wow Pen Joy are given below:

Not Good for Big Hands

It is small and ideal for little hands but somehow supports big hands as well. You will have to hold the mouse with a full palm, so if you have too big hands, this one is not for you. You might not be able to use the buttons easily.

Two Buttons Are Pretty Firm

You’ll feel that right and left click buttons are very firm. So, you might have to insert lots of energy while clicking them. After using it for some days, you’ll get used to it.

Wired Connection Can be an Issue

Nowadays, most ergonomic mice are wireless. It contains a 6-foot cable that might be irritating for some users, but many people love this cable connectivity.

Squeaking Sound Can be Annoying

You won’t face this issue at the start. After using it for one year, the scroll wheel will start making a squeaking sound every time you’ll use it. It will be bearable, but if the room is quiet, it can be annoying.

Final Verdict

This budget-friendly product offers many excellent benefits. Moreover, it has some fantastic features that make it worth buying. It provides many health benefits, so it’s our recommended product for people who spent most time playing games and do data entry work. It can relieve pain and boost productivity.

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