DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for left and right hand

Editor rating

3.5/5 on 17 February 2018

User's rating

80 reviews


  • Vertical or semi-vertical grip according to user's preference.
  • Fingertip grip enables precision work at high cursor speeds.
  • Easy user adjustment with little to no training period.
  • Small size makes the DXT great for space-restricted environments or mobile work.
  • Wireless model switches effortlessly from left to right hand.


  • Pinch force is a possible concern with any vertical mouse; experts seem divided on the subject.
  • No extra buttons or fancy driver to customize.


In the category of "ergonomic mouse most likely to please everyone," the DXT is a top contender. Its fingertip-operated design brings the benefits of an ergonomic vertical mouse without the precision problems, while its small size and familiar feel make it a breeze for users to adopt.

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