Kinesis Corporation Kinesis Savant Elite2 Control Module Footswitch: Take Or Pass?

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0/5 on 5 November 2021

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A keyboard for your feet; does this sound interesting? If you’re tired of typing with your fingers and you can already feel the strain and pain on your wrists, you should consider getting a footswitch. The Kinesis Corporation’s Kinesis Savant Elite2 Control Module Footswitch is the product I’ll talk about today.

Why are these devices so great, and how can they improve your experience in the office? Working on a computer or laptop causes strain and tension on your wrist, eventually leading to pain and musculoskeletal conditions in the hands. Getting a footswitch can help you rest your arms and get the job done faster.

The Kinesis Corporation control module with a pedal is a durable, ergonomic device that can increase your productivity. Read all about its advantages and disadvantages in the review below.


Various Keyboard Actions

This footswitch is equipped with a port control module and a single foot pedal. The switch can perform various actions; therefore, it’s an excellent substitute for or addition to a keyboard. This product’s actions include Backspace, Enter, Tab, Ctrl, Paste, Copy, Cut, and more.

The switch is already programmed when you get it, which means it will either perform a right- or left-click; however, you can easily change the settings and choose to have it perform any action you can think of. As a result, it’s one of the best investments for people that perform repetitive mouse clicks or keyboard actions.

Kinesis Corporation Kinesis Savant Elite2 Control Module


You can also perform single or double mouse clicks, depending on how you connect the pedal. Another great thing is that you can even purchase a second pedal and connect it to the control module for use with your other foot.

Multi-Purpose Use

You don’t have to be a programmer to use this Kinesis Corporation Control Module. This multi-purpose tool can be used in various industries, including medicine (radiology, dentistry, pathology, ultrasound), for transcriptions, call centers, software engineering, photo and video editing, etc.

This is one of the best devices to use in medical practices because it’s much more sanitary than using your hands. You can easily use the pedal with your feet, and you won’t have to remove your gloves each time you click on the mouse and touch the keyboard.

SmartSet App

One of the best features of this product is that it comes with an installed SmartSet App. This interface allows you to switch the module from one computer to another without having to program it. In addition, the device is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Everything that the control module does is saved in its memory, so it will have the same features wherever you use it. You can also plug it into various input devices without having to do any updates or changes.

In other words, you won’t have to struggle with different drivers before it’s ready to use. All you have to do is unpack it and start using it!

Hands-Free USB Control

Typing on an ergonomic keyboard or clicking on an ergonomic mouse can still be tiring, even if these are the best products in their category. If you’re craving rest from hand movements, then getting the Kinesis Corporation Footswitch can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Although it’s not a complete substitute for a mouse or a keyboard, this footswitch will make your life significantly easier. It will also make your work experience faster and more pleasurable, and boost your productivity.

How does a single footswitch do all that? Instead of clicking the mouse or keyboard with your hands and fingers, you can sit or stand at your desk and press a pedal. It requires less force, and it will remove the strain on your wrist and rest your hands.

Performing the same repetitive movements can lead to pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even cause severe conditions. With this pedal, all you have to do is tap it with your foot and it will perform the action you want.

The activation force of the pedal is adjustable, so you can easily set how hard you need to press it for it to work. Additionally, this device is made of high-strength glass-reinforced ABS plastic so it will look the same even after months of use.

Mount The Pedal Away From The PC

Another huge benefit of this system is that you can mount the pedal away from your PC. It comes with long cables so that you can find the best working spot in your office.

The pedal-to-module cable is 10 feet long, while the module-to-PC cable is 9 feet long.

Kinesis Corporation Kinesis Savant Elite2 Control Module Footswitch: Take Or Pass?



A Single Foot Pedal

The footswitch includes only a single foot pedal. Kinesis Corporation also offers the same product with two or three pedals, but while these devices are even more helpful, they come at a higher cost and need more time to get used to.

Takes A Little Practice

If you’ve never used a foot pedal before, don’t despair if it’s a little tricky initially. This device requires practice, but it will only take a few days. If you opt for a footswitch with several pedals, the adaptation period will be slightly longer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering relieving the pressure and pain in your hands by getting a footswitch, I highly recommend the Kinesis Corporation Savant Elite2 Footswitch. It’s very straightforward to use, comes with actions pre-installed, there’s no need for you to install drivers, and it’s compatible with Windows and Mac.

The footswitch comes with a control module and a pedal that you can set to perform different actions depending on your need, and you can also perform a single or double click motion on the pedal. This is a multi-purpose product ideal for medical professionals, software developers, transcriptionists, editors, etc.

If you perform repetitive mouse or keyboard clicks, rest your hands with this footswitch. It’s not the most affordable product, but it’s superior to similar modules with a single pedal.