How Do I Clean A Keyboard? Here Is The Best Way To Do [Guide]

how to clean keyboard

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and dirt on your keyboard. You could be a stickler for cleanliness, but if you do not know how to clean a keyboard properly, the satisfaction you long for will remain a mirage. Grime, dirt, and dust are inevitable, and the only way to free your keyboard […]

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Trouble With Your Jabra 930 Headset And Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Recently while testing Dragon, I had trouble getting my Nuance-recommended Jabra Pro 930 headset to work with the software. The issue turned out to be fairly simple, once I managed to get in touch with the nice folks on the technical side at Nuance. Since there was nothing about it in Internet search results when […]

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Ergonomic Tips For Working From Home [Dos And Don’ts]

Ergonomic Tips For Working From Home [Dos And Don'ts]

More people than ever work remotely nowadays, thanks in part to the covid pandemic. Maybe you are one of them and wish you had ergonomic tips with you. I wouldn’t blame you if you embraced this without thinking too much about workspace ergonomics. After all, the kitchen table and stool seemed to do the trick […]

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Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Which One Should You Get?

game chair vs office chair

If you are not a dedicated worker, my guess is you are a hardcore gamer. Perhaps you’re both! Either way, I’m sure you want to know the truth about this game chair vs. office chair debate. It’s actually not as tricky of a choice to make as you might have imagined. One is sleek, stylish, […]

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How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Sitting (Expert Guide)

How to relieve back pain from sitting

Back pain! You’ve probably faced it. Studies say that one in four adults experiences it in any three-month period, so you are not alone. My guess is, you’re very eager to know how to relieve back pain from sitting. But to do that, first you have to know what causes it. The number one culprit […]

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Kneeling Chair -Should You Buy Or Avoid?

are kneeling chairs good for you?

They may be celebrated and hard to ignore, but are kneeling chairs good for you? I know you want to know the answer straight away, but let’s slow down things a little bit. It would be great if you first understand what these chairs are and the features that make them special. They have been […]

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Main Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs

Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

Do you really need to pay extra to get the benefits of an ergonomic office chair rather than using the cheaper roller chairs that have been around in offices for decades? The short answer is yes! There have been hundreds of studies done over recent years that demonstrate the health dangers associated with sitting for […]

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How To Switch Off Gaming Mode On Your Keyboard

How to turn off gaming mode on a keyboard

These days computers are designed to know what you want before you ask for it! Windows 10 and 11’s Game Mode is an example of this. Game Mode is designed to detect when you are using your computer for gaming and optimize your processes to give you the best gaming experience. Sometimes, though, you’ll want […]

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Five Years Using a Standing Desk – Random Thoughts and Suggestions

ikea standing desk via Mack Male on Flickr

You’ve likely seen articles on the pros and cons of using a standing desk. Some are positive like this  Wired article calling sitting the “smoking of our generation.” Others are neutral to negative like this U.S. News report that standing desks do more harm. This is not an article to convince you to stand but to […]

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Case Study: One Approach to Optimizing Ergonomic Keyboard Layouts

planck manual keyboard

I’m grateful to Reddit user Alexadar who wrote this article for publishing on AllThingsErgo. He describes an approach to resolve some of the keyboard ergonomic issues related to the keyboard layout, and outlines the ideas he used to achieve his ultimate keyboard layout. Thanks for reading! Ergonomic v. “Regular” Keyboards As “regular” I consider all the […]

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How to Clean a Contour RollerMouse Free

A blog commenter recently asked how to clean a RollerMouse Free, so I reached out to Contour Design for some guidance. A tech support guy from there sent me some clear and helpful instructions, which he also kindly permitted to be posted here for future reference. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not open your RollerMouse Free if […]

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Using Dragon For Ergonomics: Top Tips

Some time ago, I reviewed Dragon NaturallySpeaking on this blog. Though I liked it, I didn’t use it regularly until I was pretty much forced to do so by an increase in typing discomfort – that and an ever-growing volume of work email, which ironically has a lot to do with maintaining this ergonomic site. […]

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