Exclusive Sneak Peek Review: X-Bows Ergonomic Keyboard with Mechanical Keys

X-Bows Ergonomic Keyboard with Mechanical Keys

We were fortunate to get an early release sample of a new ergonomic keyboard, X-bows, which launches today on Kickstarter. The X-Bows is a USB ergonomic keyboard with mechanical keys. It’s compact but offers a full keyboard experience and works across Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and Linux machines. What is unique about this keyboard is what […]

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My personal Review of ErgoDox EZ: Real Expirience

ergodox ez review

Over the past two weeks, I’ve switched out my trusty, well-worn Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard for an ErgoDox EZ mechanical keyboard. I must say, I may be switching full-time to this keyboard! I am still learning how to use the keyboard and am super swamped right now so unable to dive in and learn how to […]

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When was the first Ergonomic Keyboard launched?

the first Ergonomic Keyboard

How old are ergonomic keyboards? About as old as the Web. The World Wide Web was launched in 1991. A year later, in 1992 Kinesis Corporation started selling the very first ergonomic keyboard, The Model 100. The pic above is the very first one off the line, serial number 0001 (found via their tweet)! In […]

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Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Review

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

Welcome to my updated Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard Review! Here is the preposition story: Microsoft recently announced the latest addition to their lineup of computer hardware: The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard. Thanks to the efficiency of Redmond’s PR team, I had a sample in hand within a few days of requesting it. The Sculpt isn’t exactly […]

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orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard and Mouse Review

orbiTouch keyboard keyless

The orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard from Blue Orb (formerly Keybowl) is one of the strangest-looking creations ever to be called an input device. Compared to a keyboard and mouse, it’s inefficient and relatively slow. But for the handicapped or those with severe RSI, it’s a lifesaver, enabling many of these folks to communicate when they otherwise […]

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Goldtouch Go Portable Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Goldtouch Go Portable Ergonomic Keyboard for laptops

While there are many different ergonomic keyboards on the market, hardly any are suited to portable use. Standard curvy models like the MS 4000 are too big to fit in a laptop bag (though that doesn’t keep some people from trying). The Kinesis Freestyle is compact enough, but its multiple pieces make for an awkward […]

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15 Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboards

Best Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

In this article, I will share with you the 15 best ergonomic mechanical keyboards on the market. Quick Look At My Top Picks What’s the difference between a standard keyboard and an ergonomic mechanical keyboard, and why should you invest in the latter? Not only will you type (or game) faster, but a good quality […]

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Microsoft Sculpt Ergo Keyboard And Mouse Review

When most people say “ergonomic keyboard,” what they’re envisioning is a Microsoft-style curved model such as the popular Natural 4000. As discussed elsewhere, the Natural 4000 has significant shortcomings such as its size and key action. Because of these, I have long hoped that Microsoft would introduce a more worthy successor to the world’s most […]

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Goldtouch Keyboard Review (Updated)

The Goldtouch keyboard has, in some form, been a standby of ergonomic arsenals for almost twenty years. Its flagship feature is infinite adjustability to match the needs of individual users. There’s no separation between the halves, but you can do splay, tenting, and just about anything else you like with the Goldtouch.

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Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard: Full Guide and Review

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard

As a loyal fan of the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard for the past year, I was excited to hear about the second-generation model coming out in 2012. Such is the popularity of the new Freestyle that I had to stand in line for a review sample. That sample finally arrived last week. Having used it for […]

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“Truly Ergonomic” Keyboard Review: all you need to know

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Review all you need to know

Note: We verified via the Truly Ergonomic website that this keyboard is not out of stock and not for sale. For users looking to repair a broken model or replace an old model, we recommend a keyboard in our Best Ergonomic Keyboards Guide. With a name like “Truly Ergonomic,” this keyboard won’t win any awards […]

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Best Ergonomic Keyboards – Complete Guide with Reviews


We’ve published long-form reviews on ergonomic keyboards since 2011. And now, it’s time to do it again! We know which ergonomic keyboards are the best in the world. So what’s the best ergonomic keyboard? We wish we could point you to one model that would work for everyone. That simply can’t be done. We are […]

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