About Us

Jason M started blogging about all things ergonomics in 2011, a topic that deeply interested him. His blog eventually grew into AllThingsErgo.com, now one of the Internet’s leading independent review sites for ergonomic information. To offset the costs of running the blog, in 2012 he added a full service store front to sell a small number of ergonomic products. He ran this store front until summer of 2017 when he sold it to myself, Kealoha K, an American engineer just as passionate about ergonomic products.

Early in life, my sister suffered from carpal tunnel and I saw just how debilitating this injury was for her. She even had surgery but eventually retired due to her injuries. I work on screens and keyboards ten times more often than my sister and early in my career got worried about also getting injured. I did nothing until I started to have some pain in my wrists and other parts of my arms. Yikes! I dove into ergonomics completely changing everything. Within two weeks of just switching my keyboard, all of the pain went away. Been an ergo advocate ever since!

After taking over as editor, I switched AllThingsErgo.com around a bit. I will maintain the blog but instead of directly selling ergonomic products, I’ve selected and reviewed ergonomic products already listed for sale with other retailers primarily Amazon.com. My goal is to review and help you sort out a whole lot of ergonomic things that can help you live a pain free life with all of this pervasive technology.

I hope you explore the many options here and get started with ergonomics as soon as you can. Your body will thank you! Oh by the way, that picture above is a summer’s night in Hawaii not far from my home. Mahalo to 7gooses for the shot.