5 Best Ergonomic Wine Bottle Openers

good wine opener - the best wine openers list

Tired of struggling to open bottles with an old-fashioned corkscrew? Let an ergonomic wine bottle opener come to the rescue. We’ve tried dozens of corkscrews including minimalistic styles as well as cumbersome options that almost need a kitchen drawer to themselves, all in the name of bringing you this list of the top five ergonomic […]

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Best Standing Desk Balance Boards

balance boards for standing desk

The best standing desk balance board is a great addition to any standing desk because it keeps your mind and body engaged, promoting attention and productivity. Furthermore, the finest standing desk balance boards for standing desk may assist you in reducing weariness and preventing back discomfort, discomfort, and exhaustion. Standing desk balance boards are one […]

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Best Ergonomic Pillows

the best ergonomic pillow

As with all things ergo, an ergonomic pillow is going to be far more supportive. The higher support is going to set ergonomic pillows apart from a normal pillow, which means it is better for your overall health in the long run. You will notice immediate relief and a better night’s sleep, and the better […]

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Review: Topo Standing Mat by Ergodriven

Topo Standing Desk Mat by Ergodriven

I’ve had a few months to use the Topo Standing Mat by Ergodriven. The company claims that its “patent-pending, calculated terrain” encourages frequent movement. Having written a bunch of patents in my day, what is unique enough to patent doesn’t immediately jump out at me. This mat has a bunch of ridges at different heights and […]

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Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads

best ergonomic mouse pad

Have you noticed that after a full day of work your arms, wrists, and hands are feeling dull throbbing, or sore? That is because at a normal computer with a regular mouse pad, or none at all, your hands are probably laying very flat against the surface of the desk. This is an unnatural position […]

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Ways to use Smartphones and Tablets Ergonomically

smartphone productivity

Are you one of the many typical zombie-fied cellphone-addicted people, connected in the modern digital world of emails, social media, and the internet? Nowadays, it’s difficult to pinpoint something that can’t be found, bought, or watched online, directly from our smartphone or tablet in the palm of our hands. With a whole list of possibilities […]

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Ergonomic Innovations Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Review

Keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad review

What’s an ergonomic gift you can give almost anyone? Mouse and keyboard pads! That’s because almost every computer setup should have proper rest pads but many people don’t have a set. These also make great inexpensive gifts that convey that you care about health. Look around your office and home. You’ll find tons of people […]

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Five Free Ergonomics Apps for Android

five free android ergonomic apps

The Google Play store has a sparse collection of ergonomic apps. To be frank, none of these apps blew us away. In a nutshell most of the apps we found were ergonomic tip apps. A couple were timers and measurement calculators. Some were in foreign languages. Your mileage may vary with these apps. We don’t […]

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Gelepad, The Handiest Ergonomic Thingamabob You’ve Never Heard Of

This isn’t going to be much of a review, because the product under discussion is just too simple and neat to require much explanation. It’s called the Gelepad (say “jelly-pad”), and it’s a handily-sticky, lovably-squishy pad you can use to soften up the pressure points in your life. (And no, before you ask, it will […]

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