Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads


How is an ergonomic mouse pad different?

Have you noticed that after a full day of work your arms, wrists and hands are feeling a dull throbbing, or sore?

That is because at a normal computer with a regular mouse pad, or none at all, your hands are probably laying very flat against the surface of the desk.

This is an unnatural position for your hands that causes strain on the wrists. Did you know that the way you use your computer every day is causing long term damage to your wrists and hands? This flat handed position and constant use can lead to more severe issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is where the ergonomics comes in to help you take care of your health both today with minor pain, and with more serious long term complications.

With an ergonomic mouse, mousepad, and keyboard you will be positioning your hand in a more natural, curved position that does not cause the unwanted stress to your bones and muscles.

An ergonomic mouse pad is different from an average mouse pad or not having a mouse pad at all because it is designed to alleviate your wrist strain and stress that can cause you all all day pain.

The pads are designed to elevate your wrist and keep your hands, arms and wrists in a more natural position while using your mouse at the computer.

Many of the ergonomic mouse pads come with a gel or memory foam cushion support for your wrist that gives you a pillow to set your wrist on.

How did we select our top five mousepads?

Wrist support

If you are going for ergonomic then you have to have good support, that is the number one thing to keep in mind.

There should be some kind of padding or protection to keep your wrist elevated the entire time that you are using this mouse pad.

An ergonomic mouse should help you to keep some strain off the wrist but the mouse pad itself should come equipped to keep your hand in a more natural position, not flat against the surface of your desk or table.

For this reason, wrist support is the top of our list of considerations when it comes to choosing the absolute best ergonomic mouse pads for you to choose from.

Durable material

While there is going to be normal wear and tear when using a mouse pad every day, you do not want it to damage your mouse pad quickly.

You are going to want a long lasting material used to make your mousepad, one that is firm but still allows for your mouse to easily move across the surface without snagging along the way.

Because a mouse will be running across the surface constantly, you want a mouse pad that is prepared to protect against easily tearing or ripping open.


We mentioned that you need a durable mouse pad but that does not mean that it needs to come at the expense of weight.

It is a mouse pad after all, you do not want it to be weighty, it should be lightweight.

You should be able to easily transport your mouse pad from one place to the next without it being too difficult to pack up and take elsewhere.

Overall size

The size of your mouse pad is going to be crucial. As with all mouse pads, you need one that will allow you to position your mouse comfortably on the pad and move it around as you need to.

If the mouse pad is too small you will not be able to swivel it around without it falling off the pad. If the mouse pad is very large, however, you will find that it takes up entirely too much place on your desktop and becomes bulky when trying to pack it.

The size of your mouse pad is on our list for considerations because there have been some concerns that other mousepads do not accommodate the range of motion that is needed.

Top 5 ergonomic mouse pads

1.    3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

3M has created what they are calling a precise mouse pad that comes with a gel wrist for your comfort and support. This ergonomically designed pad is made out of durable material so matter how many times you swipe your mouse across the pad, you will not have worry about rips or tears. There is a leatherette cover that is easy for you to clean so your workspace will always be tidy and hygienic. The precise surface will give you faster speeds of moving your mouse and also conserve the battery with its precision. The gel technology in the wrist pad keep your wrist elevated in a more natural position while you are working. No more laying your hand flat again your desk, but curve it on a comfortable gel pillow to keep the stress and strain off of your wrist and joints.


  • Gel wrist
  • Precision surface
  • Optical mouse
  • Lightweight


  • Some users report glitches in the optical feature over time
  • Some users report the pad becoming warped over time and not flat

2.   Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Kensignton’s ergonomic mouse pad is going to be a favorite in your house or office space. The mouse pad has a sleek design and will mesh well with whatever style office you have. The wrist support is made from a dual gel rest. You can choose from either and black and red wrist rest color or a black and blue color scheme. The gel will keep the shape of your wrist comfortably resting on the mousepad while you are working. There is a built in ventilation channel to keep air flowing through and our hands and wrists will be both dry and cooled down while you are hard at work.


  • Dual cushion support
  • Gel wrist rest
  • Ventilation channel
  • Color choices


  • Smaller space for the mouse than some
  • Gel pad may wear down over time

3.   Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

Belikin is a name we know and love for all of our gadgets. It is a company name we can depend on and we can honor. This is also true when you are searching for your ergonomic mouse pad. This WaveRest Gel mouse pad is going to provide you with the range of motion you want and the comfort and daily support. Made from a durable polyurethane material you can be sure that this mouse pad will last you for a long time. The mouse is lightweight and comes in a modern grey color that will fit nicely with the other equipment on your desk space.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Cost effective


  • Small space
  • Limited color options

4.   Jelly Comb Mouse Pad

Jelly Comb has created a phenomenal ergonomic mouse pad for your office and gaming needs. You no longer have to worry about wrist strain and wrist pain after sitting behind the computer doing some serious gaming or just working all day. Your wrist will be amply supported by the leather wrist rest that is made durably to last you through lots of hard gaming sessions or through hours and hours of work. The mousepad itself is larger than most to provide you with even more range of motion than others. This will give you freedom and control while at work or while gaming. The high quality rubber is no slip so you have complete control over where the mouse is going, when and how.


  • Large space
  • Sleek design
  • Non slip technology
  • Soft material


  • Some users report easy wear and tear
  • Slightly stiff

5.    VIPAMZ Ergonomic Mousepad with Wrist Support

If you are ready to make the change to an ergonomic lifestyle, then you cannot go wrong with Vipamz ergonomic mousepad. While they have a few options, including and extra large mousepad, we found that this one not only meets the needs of the user but goes above and beyond. The mousepad is highly comfortable and the wrist rest is made durably to be extremely supportive for a long time. The mousepad is compact to fit on virtually any workstation. This is designed to work with and optical mouse to prevent mouse skipping, and give you complete control and fluidity while working.


  • Compact design
  • Contemporary appearance
  • Works with an optical mouse
  • Very comfortable


  • Some users report a strange smell
  • Some users report easy fraying

Ready, set, ergo!

Once you have gotten a taste of ergonomics for your desktop, you will be ready to set up your entire office space to be more ergonomic.

This is not a simple health trend that is sweeping the nation, but is truly a way to better living. Your body and wellness deserve that you be good to it.

Taking the steps to making your office more ergonomic is a form of being responsible and taking care of yourself.

Set up your mouse, mousepad, and keyboard first to get the feel for how much better you will feel when you have less hourly and daily strain on your wrists and hands, and move on from there to your office lamps, desks and office chair. Now you have all of the information and top rated choices you need to get set up today!



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