Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs: TOP 5 Picks Right Now

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

For some of us, there are few things more pleasurable than sitting back and spending a few hours immersed in our favorite games. But, if we are sitting in the wrong type of chair, we might actually be doing our back some serious damage.

The right ergonomic gaming chair could make the difference between leaping and creaking up after a gaming session.

While ergonomic might sound like a buzzword, investing in the right ergonomic equipment can make an enormous difference to how our bodies feel and move in the long term.

Quick Look At Our Top Picks For Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs:

For centuries, we have been using things in a way that forces our bodies to conform to material objects rather than designing objects to conform to our bodies.

An ergonomic gaming chair could transform the way you game and transform the way your body feels afterward.

While you are playing games, you are most probably sitting down, actively engaged in the game.

While you may feel the pressure to win the game, your body, generally, is supposed to be in a relaxed sitting or lying position, correct?

Well, that depends entirely on the type of chair you are using. If your chair is not ergonomic, then it is not designed to take the stress off your head, shoulders, neck, and lumbar region.

If you are sitting in a standard chair, then it may actually be causing strain on your joints and bones.

This unnecessary strain can make it hard to focus on the game and do long-term damage to your body that leaves you rubbing your lower back or massaging your shoulders in the days after an intense gaming session.

We have put together a list of the best gaming chairs to alleviate stress and strain on your body while gaming. We will also go through what you should be looking for in a good ergonomic gaming chair.

How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Gaming Chair For You

Does The Chair Provide Ample Support?

Support is a word you are going to see a lot in the world of ergonomics, and that is because it is extremely important to your body’s health and function.

You may not immediately notice the strain on your joints, muscles, and bones, but your body is taking note of it.

Over time, the constant strain and lack of support can cause you some serious pain and issues.

For this reason, you need the chair to not just be comfortable but supportive, holding your body in a better sitting position for better posture.

The kind of ergonomic support you are looking for in a gaming chair will be a little bit different than your standard ergonomic office chair. You will probably want to prioritize the neck, which means a good headrest, probably fixed rather than adjustable, and with wings.

The other key area is the lower back for lumbar support, which will often use memory foam for support. Consider detachable pillows so you can make adjustments as you recline.

Is The Chair Comfortable?

Next on the list after support is comfort. This is a gaming chair after all, and you are planning to sit in it for hours.

Ideally, you should test your chair out before purchasing. And that doesn’t just mean a quick sit. Spend quite a bit of time in the chair if you can, even if you are getting side-long looks from sales staff.

If you are buying online, invest some time in looking at customer reviews and what they have to say about comfort. While everyone’s body is different and, therefore, will feel different in the chair, a general consensus can still guide you.

For maximum comfort, you are probably looking for a slightly larger chair than you imagine. A gaming chair will certainly be bigger than your office chair.

Also, look for something that is adjustable. There is no such thing as one size fits all.

What Material Is Your Chair Made Of?

The material of your chair is important because it needs to be durable, yet comfortable. The chair needs to be something you enjoy sitting in, not something you are stuck in.

So, you want a soft and spongy chair but not one that is so soft it is not supportive and durable.

The best ergonomic gaming chairs are generally made from leather or good quality faux leather, but you can also get mesh or other moisture-wicking fabrics if you tend to sweat a lot while gaming.

You may want to try and avoid PU leather, which is synthetic leather that is made from the pieces left behind after the more valuable leather has been harvested. While relatively cheap, it is not very breathable. PVC leather is also a no!

Will Your Chair Last You For A Long Time?

Durability is something we always consider with our ergonomic products.

If the product is not built to last, then is it really even worth the purchase? When you think about gaming, that can be anywhere from one hour to an entire day sitting in the chair (or more if you are doing a marathon gaming session with some buddies).

That means you are spending a lot of time using the same piece of furniture, sliding across it, resting your head and arms on it, and generally wearing it.

But while you want to break it in, you don’t want to break it down.

This chair should be a purchase you are not having to make often and repeatedly. This chair needs to be lasting from the base to the material to the headrest.

You cannot have the chair easily tearing and looking awful and you do not want the wheels or base falling apart with little use.

Again, spend some time looking at reviews to see what others have to say about the durability of the chair you are looking at.

Also, investigate the warranty that comes with your chair. How long they offer is generally a good indication of how durable the manufacturer thinks the chair is. A one-year warranty is really the minimum you should consider.

Our Top Picks: 5 Best Rated Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

1. Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall created an ergonomic chair that comes in a plethora of colors, so you can choose the color that fits your gaming zone and your personality the best.

The back is adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees. There is a knob you can adjust to allow you to rock back and forth to give you mobility even while you are sitting still.

This makes your gaming experience seem more interactive.

The chair is built on a sturdy metal frame to ensure your chair will be durable throughout your hours of gaming in a single sitting, and last you into the future of gaming.

The foam seat is covered in a leather exterior to give you comfort and strong protection.

The chair is high-backed with extra support to ensure you will not only be able to game all day but your gaming experience will not be doing damage to your body.

You will find your back and body feeling at ease because the unnecessary strain and stress have been reduced and your spine is being better supported from your lumbar region to your cervical (read: whole spine).


  • High back for support
  • Leather exterior
  • Multiple color options
  • Sturdy frame


  • Difficult assembly
  • Some customers have reported the padding is not comfortable long term and require you to adjust your seating

2. OFM Essentials Racing Style Bonded Style Leather Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Racing Style Bonded Style Leather Gaming Chair

Inspired by the kinds of seats you find inside the best racing cars, this chair is designed to be both dynamic and comfortable.

It has a fixed headrest with modest wings, which is ideal for neck support, and good quality cushioning at the lumbar, though this is not adjustable if you decide to recline for extended periods of time.

You can adjust the height, the central tilt, and the padded arms so you can tailor your chair specifically for you.

It is upholstered in an intensely soft leather that is supremely comfortable and will keep you cool. It is also durable, as is the chair overall. However, although the specs say the chair can take up to 275 pounds, heavier gamers find the cushions squashing and the chair lowering itself at inconvenient moments.

This chair comes in 10 different color options, so you should have no problem finding something that is just right for you and your carefully curated gaming zone.


  • Superior neck support
  • Several adjustable features
  • High-quality soft leather
  • Color options
  • Ideal for both office and gaming


  • Lumbar support is not adjustable
  • Not ideal for heavier gamers

3. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko’s ergonomically designed chair comes with your choice of two different colors, a red, and a white option.

The back of the chair is high and curved to go with the natural curvature of your spine and give you support in the areas where you need it, and it takes the pressure and strain off the areas that usually take the weight.

The chair rotates 360 degrees so you can move around as much as you need to.

The rolling wheels will not scratch your floor but will provide you with optimal mobility.

The chair reclines backward and locks into place so you can relax in whichever position suits you best.


  • Rolling wheels
  • Curved back
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Locking reclining options


  • Limited color selection
  • Difficult assembly

4. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Another chair inspired by the ergonomics of racecars, RESPAWN refers to this model as a luxury chair for a reason.

This seat features segmented padding so every part of your body has individual, tailored support. The headrest, lumbar support pillows, and padded armrests are all adjustable so you can mold the chair to your unique body shape.

You can recline from 90 to 155 degrees with either free tilt or locking tilt depending on how you like to game.

The chair is upholstered with bonded leather in seven different colors, all matched up with black for that sleek, racer look.

However, if you are not a DIY expert, beware. This chair is not easy to put together. The footrest that comes with the chair also won’t stand up to heavyweight use.


  • Segmented padding
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sleek racer-style design
  • Dynamic recline and tilt


  • Difficult to assemble
  • The footrest could be sturdier

5. Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

This chair is not just great for gaming but for the office as well. The chair is high-backed for added support throughout your entire spine.

You have five color options to choose from, which means you can find something to meet your decor needs.

The maximum capacity of this chair is 280 pounds. The height is adjustable to fit your every need and keep you comfortable and supported the entire time.


  • Multiple color options
  • Height adjustable
  • Great for the office and gaming
  • High backed


  • Not the highest weight capacity
  • Padding is a little harder than some others

FAQs About Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

What Is The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair?

The most comfortable gaming chair depends very much on the user, their back, and their preferred way of sitting while gaming. In general, the most comfortable gaming chairs provide good support for the back, in particular, the neck and lower lumbar, keeping the back in a neutral position so it won’t twinge during a long session.

The most comfortable chairs also tend to be made from soft leather and have adjustable armrests and footrests so you can position yourself in the best way.

Are Gaming Chairs Ergonomic?

Since any chair you choose to game in can be a gaming chair, the answer is no, gaming chairs are not necessarily ergonomic. But with the rising popularity of gaming and the increasing amount of time people spend in front of their screens, there is now a huge range of ergonomic gaming chairs available.

You can spot an ergonomic gaming chair as it tends to be larger than your average office chair, which stretches high up behind the neck and is quite wide in the seating area to protect your lower back.

What Chairs Do Pro Gamers Use?

Every pro gamer will have their own favorite chair depending on the structure of their body and how they like to sit while they are gaming. But considering the amount of time they spend in it, you can be sure that it is ergonomic.

The most serious gamers might even work with chair companies to create something ideal for them. This also provides the manufacturer with ideas for their commercial chairs.

Pro gamers will sometimes be sponsored by their chair manufacturer, so check out the sponsors of your favorite pro gamer if you want to invest in a similar chair.

Player One, Ready?

Are you ready to have the ultimate gaming experience? Your body is going to thank you for upgrading to an ergonomic chair, and you might even find yourself hitting a new high score thanks to better comfort and concentration.

Any of the chairs on our list should leave your body feeling more movable after a long gaming session and will be good for the health of your spine in the long term.