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Hey Amazon Kindle Unlimited members, you can now read the following five Kindle ergonomics books for free. Even if you are not a Kindle Unlimited member, these books are all reasonably priced. Be sure to check paperback prices too. For some, we saw paperback versions that were cheaper than the Kindle versions. For fast readers, here is a 30-day Free Trial for Kindle Unlimited.

sand up desk ebook1. You’ll Stand and You’ll Like It

A Short, Functional Guide to Office Ergonomics and the Standing Desk. Free for Kindle Unlimited members, and as of this publication $2.99 for non-members. Published in 2015. This is more of a pragmatic, practical guide to using a stand-up desk. The author doesn’t go into the science of why we should stand more. If you need to be convinced to stand up more, check out this Smithsonian article on the Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks. The Table of Contents includes: Hack Your Body, Hack Your Day, Hack Your Office, Gettin’ Fancy, Famous Standers (you can skip this chapter), and Resources. the author uses a little bit of humor to turn what could be a dry topic into one somewhat inspirational for folks looking to get started. If you are still not convinced, try a $20 or so cardboard stand-up desk that will work with your existing desk!

7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk: Computer Ergonomics Kindle Edition2. 7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Desk: Computer Ergonomics

Free for Kindle Unlimited members and as of this post $3.99 for non-members. Not ready yet for a stand-up desk? Come on. Even a $20 cardboard stand-up desk? OK, this book may be for you. The book is based on seven tips though there are bonus tips so you get more than seven. Tip #1 is How you sit affects your whole body. That’s not really a tip but after reading that section the author suggests how you should sit at your desk. After four short paragraphs on this topic, the author jumps to a Treadmill Desk option. Easy fast read and I totally recommend Prime members give it a spin. Buying it though I would not. The whole “book” is about 20 pages or so and could have been formatted in one blog post. Good free stuff though!

Office Ergonomics: free ebook3. Office Ergonomics: Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Free for Kindle Unlimited members and as of this blog $6.77 for non-members. The above book had seven tips. This book has hundreds and covers ergonomics fairly comprehensively.  You get over 100 pages with this book and the author is a Certified Safety Professional and actually works in the ergonomics industry. I recommend you get this book. You can almost certainly get this information online but would have to sort through a bunch of articles and blog posts and figure out which ones were credible. It’s awesome to get everything in one book from a credible source.

Coping with Computer-Induced Hand Pain free ebook4. Coping with Computer-Induced Hand Pain

Guidelines for Pain-Free Computing.Free for Kindle Unlimited members and as of this blog $1.99 for non-members. Already got pain? Not too late to switch to ergonomics (helped me!). Here is a 102 book written not by a specialist but by an IT worker who developed pain after 25 years of work in the field. He claims he didn’t find much help in his research so came up with innovative solutions himself. Here are some chapters to give you a sense of the content: Get rid of your mouse before it gets rid of you. A foot pedal mouse (hey we reviewed one of these!). Conclusions on which keyboard to use. Using voice recognition software. And so forth. A very pragmatic book based on what he did. Based on my review, the tips are solid. The book is also organized decently well around what you can do to reengineer your entire workflow around a computer.

Physical Ergonomics for Customer Experience Innovation free ebook5. Physical Ergonomics for Customer Experience Innovation

Free for Kindle Unlimited members and as of this blog $7.30 for non-members. I added this book to the list as it was different from the rest. From the book’s intro: “Ergonomics or Human Factors Engineering is a scientific discipline that studies human users’ physical and psychological characteristics in order to match these appropriately with various interfacing and interactive situations in the use of man-made products, services, and systems. The purpose is to achieve the required levels of human safety, ease of use, productivity, and a sense of wellbeing.” Seems like a deep dive, huh? Wrong. it’s only 32 pages and is part of a series on user experience theories. The other book in this series is Human-Centred Systems Thinking for Innovation, Design and Management. Not my type of book but for some of you, this may be what you are looking to read. He covers user experience and physical ergonomics including anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and anthropometry. I have to be honest. I needed a dictionary for parts of the book. The author though has tons of relevant experience.

There you go. Five ergonomic ebooks are totally free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers.


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