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So you’ve heard about ergonomics

It seems like the ergonomics trend is taking over everywhere, but is it just that, a trend? Or is there something to this whole better equipment for a better life? There is, actually there is so much more it than just a popular idea that got circulating.

Ergonomics is not just trying to make your life more comfortable, but stress free, and causing less strain on your body than needs to be there. We are all grateful for the growth of technology over the years and most all of us cannot imagine a world where we cannot open our phones, computers and tablets to search anything and everything. Technology however is also what gets us stuck behind computers in small cubicles for hours and hours on end daily.

That much sitting is seriously bad for our health, and you are probably feeling that already.

Is your back hurting after long hours in the office? Do your wrists and fingers hurt from how they are positioned on the keyboard or around that little mouse daily? Perhaps you are noticing even more neck pain than you did previously.

That’s because you are causing unnecessary strain to the various parts of your body by simply sitting in your office at work. That is because our everyday tools to get work done are not designed with humans in mind.

Doesn’t it make more sense for our chairs, desks, mouses, computers and workstations to fit to our bodies and needs rather than us fitting to the objects?

Ergonomists thought so and that is why they began creating office equipment that better fits to our bodies.

One of the main things they sought to fix is the damage that sitting daily for extended hours has on our bodies. The spine undergoes more strain sitting stationary in a chair that is not designed for our bodies than you probably imagined. It is actually more beneficial for you to stand, or else to be sitting straight.

With an ergonomic workstation you will be positioned in a way that encourages better posture and alleviates some of that strain from your back and form your neck. No more craning and bending your neck in unnatural ways to see what you are working on. Sit tall and adjust your ergonomic workstation to meet your height preferences and needs.

Considerations for the top 5 ergonomic workstations

Standing position

After reading more about ergonomics you probably already understand why this is such an important consideration. Standing is more beneficial for your posture than lounging in a chair is. We selected workstations that encourage sitting and standing positions so that you can choose what is best for you in the workspace, but also so that you have the option to stand while working.


You need to have a workspace that is adjustable to meet your height requirements, rather you are sitting or standing. The adjustability needs to be done relatively easily and quickly as you will not want to fiddle with adjustments for a long time when you are going from sitting to standing or vice versa. There also needs to be a high range of adjustability so that you will be comfortable viewing from whichever vantage point.


When you pay for anything ergonomic it is truly an investment in you and your health. For this reason you want a product that will be long lasting, not something that can easily fall apart or break. For this reason, durable materials need to be used in the making of your workstation so that you will be able to use it for a long time.

1.   HeroDesk Wide Surface Ergonomic Stand Up Workstation

HeroDesk created a height adjustable, ergonomic sit standing workstation to change your office space into a less stressful environment. The standing position encourages you to have good posture and alleviates a lot of the health issues that come with sitting down for extended hours every day.

However if you choose to use it while sitting, it is also designed to be more comfortable for you to use and better for your overall health.

Adjustments to the workstation are easy to make and require little effort on your part to get the workstation customized to your individual needs. This workstation is equipped to handle dual monitors and even has a holder for smaller devices like cell phones and tablets.

There is a shelf where you can place your keyboard as well, however probably the most unique added feature to this workstation is the anti-fatigue mat. This mat is for you to use when the workstation is in the standing position and keeps your feet from growing tired too easily. Tired feet means a tired body.

The added features like the mat and a portable cupholder are bonuses to this sleek design, easy to use and adjust workstation.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Sturdy
  • Anti-fatigue mat
  • Large area for work


  • Keyboard shelf is not rolling
  • Need a mousepad in order for your mouse to work on this surface

2.   Eureka Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk 36” Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Eureka boasts that it has created this ergonomic workstation with an infinite height adjustability.

While infinite may be a bit of a stretch, it does indeed adjust quite a lot to accommodate various height is needed. The technology behind the adjustments is gas strut technology rather than spring loaded. This workstation is more on the pricey end of the spectrum, but is great quality, very sturdy and supportive.

The workstation is made to be very quiet, not creaking or clicking when using or adjusting it. The workstation offers you a lot of space for work holding two monitors and even your notebook or laptop. The structure of the workstation, called a Z-structure, will hide any parts of the machines that you do not want to be visible.

This keeps your office space looking neat and put together. Speaking of put together, this workstation comes to you shipped and ready to use, no assembly required. You can take the workstation from the box and begin using it immediately.


  • No assembly required
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Sleek design hides machine parts from visibility
  • Gas strut technology


  • Expensive
  • May not adjust to very tall heights

3.   Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation

Mount-It! Has created a compact, ergonomic, sit stand workstation

that is compact and will fit into any office space. They also have a dual monitor workstation for those who need to use more than one monitor while working.

The single monitor variant is small enough to fit nicely in whatever style office you have, yet still stylish. There is a free standing workstation converter that allows you to use this workstation in the standing position. The workspace offered is 24”x16” which allows you to comfortable work from a laptop, monitor or notebook without issue.

There is a gel wrist pad on this workstation to keep your wrists, arms and hands from adding unwanted strain while you work. The arm is a gas spring loaded extension that allows you to easily adjust to your preferred height. Lastly, there is integrated cable management which is a system of clips to bundle up and hide all of the cords you are using.

This keeps the wirework out of view and keeps you desktop looking clean and prepared for working.


  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly
  • Easily adjustable
  • No screws or drilling required


  • Small workspace
  • A little wobbly

4.   JOYBASE Ergonomic Tabletop Workstation

This workstation comes with a gas spring hovering system for easy adjustments. You simply have to squeeze the handles to make adjustments.

There are two shelves designed in this workstation to provide you with extra space to work. The workspace itself is rather large and can hold two monitors and a keyboard and mouse. The workstation is made out of high quality materials to provide you with a sturdy, durable structure.


  • Durable
  • Large workspace
  • Easy adjustments
  • Two shelf design


  • Keyboard shelf does not roll
  • Not easily portable

5.   CHANGEdesk Mini Affordable Adjustable Height Laptop/Desktop Standing Desk Conversion

This is the only mini ergonomic office workstation on the list because it is simply the best in its category. This workstation is compact in every way, yet provides a great quality experience. Risers are used to help get the workstation adjusted to the height that is optimal for you.

The workstation height is not only adjustable but quickly adjusted so you can change the height at any time for whoever is using the workstation at the time. It’s compact folding design allows you to talk this workstation riser with you wherever you need to go, from home to the office and back again.

It is also cheaper than many of the other options if you are not ready to make a serious investment or if you are simply interested in trying out ergonomics. With this workstation you can sit or stand comfortably, and reduce strain on your body. Though it is compact and portable, it is still quite sturdy and will last you a long time.


  • Compact design
  • Portable
  • Quickly adjust
  • Sturdy


  • Only 4 height settings
  • Small workspace

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gotten a small taste of ergonomics, you are going to want more! Once you get yourself up from sitting behind an uncomfortable desk all day and fins the freedom to view everything you need with ease you will not want to go back.

Having your monitors and workspace better organized so that you can view everything and work without the added strain will change the way you look at your office and your ideas about going to work.

While ergonomics is not only for the workplace, it is a great place to start! You are going to want to change everything from your computer mouse to your office chair to your workstation. These changes are going to improve your health and your outlook on going into the office daily.

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