Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal Overview

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4/5 on 22 November 2021

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Until very recently, you could only control mouse actions with your hand. You probably still do, but what if there was another way to do this that promised way better benefits to your health and productivity? Well, that’s what the Kinesis Savant Elite 2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal (SE2)  was made to accomplish.

Picture a foot pedal that does nearly everything your mouse does, plus more. To add to that, it’s well built and has won the hearts of many computer users who are eager to work comfortably and achieve more. I don’t expect you to take my word for it. In fact, I recommend that you check out the device’s strengths and weaknesses.

That’s exactly what this review is all about. Join me as I take you through all the crucial points you would want to know about SE2.

Pros Of Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal

Eliminates Hand And Arm Strain

Clicking your mouse may seem harmless, but that isn’t always the case. At some point, you will start to experience finger fatigue coupled with pain in your joints, especially if you do not use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal


That’s what this USB foot pedal remedies. It transfers all the actions associated with your mouse to your feet. You can use either one or both feet, depending on the configuration you opt for. Plus, you have the freedom to adjust the foot pedals to an angle and position you feel most comfortable with.

The best part is that there’s no limit to how you can use the ergonomic foot pedals. In addition to the usual right and left mouse click actions, you can program the switches to function as modifier keys, i.e., Ctrl, Alt, Shift, etc. This can be done at any time, too; you do not need special software or drivers to make those changes.

No More Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a painful condition where one of your fingers is locked in a bent position as if you are resting it on a trigger, which is how the name came about. It may be extremely difficult to straighten it out again; in fact, in severe situations your finger could be locked in that position for life.

You are at a higher risk of developing this condition if you use a computer mouse often. The repetitive use of your index finger to press the mouse can cause too much pressure on the tendon sheath, thus limiting movement in the affected area and causing your finger to get stuck.

By offloading the left-click mouse action to your foot, the Savant Elite2 effectively minimizes the risk of developing this serious condition.  Your fingers and arm will have time to rest, and this may also improve your mouse pointing accuracy.

Maximize Workstation Ergonomics

Remember what we said earlier about programming this device’s footswitches to function as modifier keys?

Think about all the times you have to move around and stretch your arms and fingers just to carry out different combinations of keystrokes. Or the moments you have to extend your arms to reach the keys on the edges of your keyboard.

You could get an ergonomic keyboard to help you fix some of these issues, but there’s another alternative: the Savant Elite2 USB Foot Pedal. Some of the keyboard actions and combinations you can reprogram the foot pedals to perform include:

  • Shift
  • Enter
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Select All
  • Tab
  • Any key combinations that involve the use of Ctrl, Alt & Shift.

You actually have the freedom to come up with text macros and any key combinations or sequences to use for any software that recognizes mouse and/or keyboard actions. The result you can get from this is uninterrupted work time for tasks such as typing, data entry, programming, etc.

Work At Your Most Relaxed Position

You can adjust and move the Savant Elite Foot Pedal to a position you feel comfortable in. Keep in mind this foot pedal is available in different configurations that support up to three foot pedals.

Some models feature control modules with input jacks that let you place the foot pedals up to 10 feet away, giving you more options when it comes to ergonomic placement.

Easy To Reprogram

The Kinesis Savant Elite 2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal (SE2) comes with the SmartSet App pre-installed to help you do the reprogramming with ease. If you don’t like the app, you can use your PC text editor to edit the text.file on the virtual disk drive. Save your commands as “plain text/simple text.”

Pros Of Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable USB Foot Pedal



Not All Mouse Options Are Available

While the SE2 mimics the mouse and does an equally fantastic job, there are operations you won’t be able to perform with it. One of them is scrolling.

It’s a little bit complicated when you think of it. Even if the pedals had a scroll wheel, it would be difficult or at least inconvenient to operate it with your shoes on.

Also, you won’t be able to move the cursor around using the foot pedal; its function is limited to click-actions.

That said, the list of things you can do with this foot pedal is longer than that of things you can’t do with it. It’s an absolutely great product for a computer user who is looking to maximize their productivity and create a more comfortable working environment.


In the world of computer ergonomics, the SE2 holds a significant stake. Look at what it is able to accomplish: take the stress away from your arms and fingers, minimize the risk of developing potentially serious health conditions, improve the ergonomics of your workstation, maximize your productivity….the list goes on.

Isn’t that all we wish for from an innovative product? We definitely recommend this product as the ultimate foot pedal you can rely on to improve your computer ergonomics.