Solidback Lower Back Stretcher: Worth It Or Not?

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4.5/5 on 28 August 2023

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Getting a high-quality back stretcher can change your life, especially if you spend most of your time working in an office chair. Even if you have an ergonomic chair, it’s hard to maintain a proper body posture throughout the entire day. That’s why I wanted to review the Solidback Lower Back Stretcher – Chronic Lumbar Pain Relief Treatment and help you understand why back stretchers are a must-own item.


I’ve been on the search for an excellent stretcher for years now. Each time I get one, it becomes soft after just a few months, and some even change their shape. One thing I’m impressed with is how:

  • strong,
  • durable,
  • dense,
  • powerful

This Solidback product is.

Aside from its durability, I’ll also discuss the excellent price, weight capacity, and much more in the review below.


High-Quality Materials

The Solidback Lower Back Stretcher is made of a high-quality, extra-hard, dense EVA foam. This material doesn’t soften over time, so you can expect the product to have the same effects even after years of continuous use. This stretcher looks very much like a foam roller cut in half.

Solidback Lower Back Stretcher Pros


One of the most unique features of the stretcher is the spiky design that makes it even more efficient. The secret of the spikes is that they can reach even the deeper tissues, providing a much more thorough massage and helping with pain.

When you take a closer look at the design, you’ll notice that the central part of the product is slightly different and features a gap without any spikes. When lying down on the stretcher, you should ensure that this part is located where your spine is. Its purpose is to align your spine and fix the issues you’ve caused by sitting in weird, uncomfortable positions while working.

Although dense, the surface of the stretcher is soft to the touch and soft to your skin. It won’t cause any irritation, so you can feel free to use it with or without clothes on.

Pain Relief

Are you tired of sitting in front of the computer all day long, and you feel persistent pain all over your back, neck, and lumbar area? Well, if you’ve been experiencing these symptoms despite getting one of the best ergonomic keyboards and an orthopedic mattress, you probably need help from an excellent back stretcher.

But do back stretchers work, one might wonder? Yes, if you use it often and adequately this product can provide pain relief, help with discomfort, and can help align your back.

When you lay on the stretcher, it stretches your lower and upper back muscles, stimulates your blood flow, fights inflammation, and deals with stubborn knots. The spikes are higher than the ones on most other similar products on the market. Thanks to this high profile, the product can reach the deep tissues, providing a deep massage and boosting the blood flow in the back area.

The arch in the center is 3.5”, a perfect height that adapts to the curve of your spine straightens it, and supports it while massaging the surrounding tissues.

Some of the issues and conditions that the Solidback stretcher can help with include chronic back and lumbar pain, sciatica, sciatic nerve pain, spinal stenosis, improper posture, herniated disc pain, back stiffness, and more.

Solidback Lower Back Stretcher: Worth It Or Not?



The EVA foam might be dense, but it’s still foam. The material used to make this back stretcher is a lightweight product you can pack in your bag and carry with you. Since I spend most of my days sitting on a chair in the office, I discovered that I can place the stretcher on the chair and lay my back on it.

The effect is not as strong as when you lay on it, but it provides a gentle massage and helps me maintain a proper body posture. Also, I can take it to the office and back home whenever I need to because it’s so lightweight.

Easy To Use

You don’t need previous experience to use this stretcher. It’s a very simple product; you just need to read the instructions.

The recommended time to spend on the stretcher is up to 20 minutes per day, but even five minutes can help a lot. The key to helping your pain and posture is consistency. Remember to use it at least a few times a week for the ultimate results.

High Weight Capacity

One of the biggest pros of this product is its high weight capacity. According to the manufacturer, the Solidback stretcher can support people weighing over 300 lbs, which isn’t the case with other stretchers. This is mainly because of the high-quality foam used in the production that doesn’t change its shape even if you use it for years.

Affordable Purchase

The Solidback lumbar stretcher is an affordable product meant for everyone! If you think you’ll need to sacrifice quality because of the low price, that’s not the case. As I mentioned before, this product is made of high-quality materials and will be by your side helping you avoid back and neck pain for years without showing signs of use.


Some People Find It Too Hard

Since the spikes are pretty high and firm, this stretcher can be a bit intense for some people. Beginners who don’t have previous experience with similar products and don’t know what to expect can feel a little uncomfortable during the first few sessions.

The most important tip I can give you is not to give up. Start with just a minute or two on the stretcher if necessary, then slowly increase the time.

Isn’t Adjustable

The height of the center of this lumbar and back stretcher is 3.5,” and it’s not adjustable. If you feel uncomfortable laying on it, though, just give it time. After a few sessions, you’ll feel much better and get used to the height.

Final Verdict

The Solidback back stretcher for lower back pain is one of the best I’ve ever tried. I’ve recommended this product to all my co-workers and friends, and many of them have been using it for months now!

One of the best things about this stretcher is that it provides a deep tissue massage, targeting your upper back, lower back, and lumbar pain without you having to pay for expensive chiropractor sessions, so don’t be hesitant to place it on your chair and support your back while you work. You can thank me later!