Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad PC: Pros & Cons

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4.3/5 on 25 November 2021

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Are you tired of having to use a regular keyboard that slows down your work and reduces your productivity? If that’s the case, you have to read my review on the Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad PC, ideal for Windows 7/10 users.

People who spend entire days entering numbers no longer have to strain their wrists on old-fashioned tenkeyless keyboards because there’s a much more advanced and ergonomic solution. This Kinesis numeric pad comes with low force keys that make things easier and makes your job faster. It also keeps your hands well-rested.

If you’re interested in introducing more ergonomic devices in your life, then you’ll find out all about the pros and cons of this pad in the review below.


What benefits can you expect if you purchase this product? Aside from being lightweight, compact, and portable, it will provide a neutral wrist position and prevent muscle strain. Here are the most significant benefits I enjoyed while using the pad.

kinesis freestyle2 numeric keypad pc


Low Force Keys

The tactile keys are equipped with low-force membrane switches that are much more comfortable and efficient than regular keys. What does this mean? It means that the keypads are sensitive, and you don’t have to apply force to press on them.

They don’t create strain on your fingers, and the entire experience is effortless. Typing on a tenkeyless keyboard or a non-ergonomic ten-key pad can lead to significant tension and strain of the hand and arm muscles and tendons. With low-force keys, you prevent this from happening and avoid health issues in the future.

Neutral Wrist Position

One of the most notable ergonomic benefits of the Kinesis keypad is that it provides a neutral wrist position for your hands. If you’re not using an ergonomic keyboard or keypad while working, that position can cause significant strain to your muscles and tendons, leaving you with pain in the wrists and hands. Eventually, you can even suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome; therefore, an ergonomic keypad is a solution to most of your problems.

Thanks to the zero-degree slope of the product, you’ll feel much more comfortable while doing your daily tasks.

Improved Productivity

This numeric keypad isn’t only made of numbers. As you can see, the design also includes six extra keys: Tab, Cut, Paste, Copy, Equals, and Backspace. This not only makes it even more useful, but it can significantly boost your productivity. You can literally keep your hands on the keyboard the entire time you need it, and you won’t have to shift back and forth between different devices.

In other words, you save time, you’re more efficient in doing your tasks, and you prevent tiring your hands out while working.

Integrated USB Ports

This Kinesis numeric keypad has two added 2.0 USB ports for your convenience. Therefore, you can easily use it as a stand-alone keypad or include another device in the mix, such as your favorite ergonomic mouse. If you often need a mouse when working or additional keyboards, this device will fit both thanks to the ports.

Compatible With Most Operating Systems

What makes this product even more likable among users is that it’s compatible with most PC operating systems. Although the keypad is designed for Windows 7/10 users, it’s still compatible with other operating systems. However, the brand warns that the hotkey function might not work on all systems, so keep that in mind.


Thanks to the lightweight, compact design, this keypad is so easy to take with you wherever you go. If you’re a frequent traveler who won’t go anywhere without their work, then you’ve stumbled upon an excellent product.

No Need To Install Drivers

The Kinesis keypad is ready to use the moment it arrives in your home. There is no need to install special drivers or waste time! Instead, you can go straight to work, thanks to the plug-and-play concept of the product.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad PC: Pros & Cons



The truth is that no product is ideal, and my goal is to share both the good and bad sides of everything I review. Although the Kinesis pad turned out to be a huge success for me, there are a few drawbacks I want to mention before you make a purchase.

Hotkeys Might Not Be Supported On All Operating Systems

As I previously said, one of the big pros of this keypad is that it works on almost all operating systems. Although it’s designed for Windows 7/10 users and is compatible with other systems, the brand can’t guarantee that the hotkeys will work on all of your devices that don’t use Windows.

Corded Design

If you hate cords, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This keypad comes with a cord, but the design is sleek, lightweight, and compact. So even if you need multiple corded devices on your desk, you can get a cord organizer and create a neat workspace.

In general, cordless keyboards are more expensive and require you to charge them. On the other hand, corded designs are much simpler to use, last for years, and save you money.

Final Thoughts

The Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad is an excellent product worth every single dollar. If you’re in need of a lightweight, easy-to-use numeric keypad, then this one can significantly improve your life. In addition, the product has two USB ports where you can plug in your other devices and make the workspace even more productive.

One of the biggest pros is that the numeric pad is ready to use, and there’s no need to install any drivers. It’s made for Windows 7/10 users; however, it’s compatible with most other operating systems. Finally, it allows a neutral wrist position that will save you from wrist and arm pain and prevent future musculoskeletal issues.