Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

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4.0/5 on 30 May 2021

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If you are a power user who needs to use the mouse for a longer time, then you must purchase Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse. This ergonomic mouse will meet all your  needs without causing any stress on your arms.

People love MX Master because it is very comfortable to use. It has a lot of advanced features that will help you in using the mouse. A plus point is that the design supports using the mouse for a long time. Let us see the pros and cons of MX Master in detail.


  • Better control
  • Easy to switch between devices
  • Long rechargeable battery
  • Smart scrolling

Pros of Logitech MX Master

There are many best features in MX Master.

Best Design

Design makes a key role in a mouse. The better design allows the user a better precision and control over their system. The design of Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse supports your hand and fits the best. The position of buttons and wheels is also at the optimal position. Thus, the design will allow for a lot of ease in using the mouse.

Laser Tracking

You don’t need a specified mouse pad to use this mouse. It will work virtually on any surface of your choice. Thus, there is no issue. The mouse will work perfectly even on glass. The darkfield laser tracking will give a lot of comfort to the user as you don’t have to carry a mouse pad with you.

Smart Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel of this ergonomic mouse will add a lot of fun. You can scroll between long documents without any issue. Unlike some models, MX Master is very easy to use. It will scroll and shift from click to click. Thus, neither it will jump very long, nor will it make very small movements.

Thumb Wheel

You can enjoy the best scroll and mouse use with the help of the thumb wheel. Only a single stroke of your thumb will be enough to use the mouse as a whole. Logitech recommends you install their specific software. Thus, you will love to use your mouse.

Easy to Switch

The best feature in MX Master is that it allows you to use the same mouse for more than one device. You can connect up to three desktops, laptops, or tablets with this mouse. Switching between these devices is also easier. You just have to tap a button to switch between devices. Thus, a single mouse will do multiple jobs for you.

Custom Functions

There are a lot of functions that are available for you when you install the specified software. The software will allow you to alter several functions as per your need. You can unlock full potential of your MX Master using the same app.

Long Battery

Another good feature of this ergonomic mouse is that it has a long battery that you can even recharge. Even a four-minute recharge will allow you to use the mouse for the whole day. A full charge will allow you to use your MX Master for up to forty hours.

Cons of Logitech MX Master

Apart from so many pros, there are some cons too.


Build quality of this mouse remains an issue. Many users complain that the mouse broke as soon as it was slightly misplaced. So, you must take care of it and use it carefully for long use.

Slow Support

Logitech makes the best devices that rarely occur issues. However, whenever there is an issue, support is very slow. Either they won’t respond on time or will deny compensating.

Hand type

The mouse fits perfectly for people who have a medium-sized hand. However, if you have a small or large hand, then the mouse won’t fit well in your hand. You might even find it difficult to control.


The precision of MX Master is not the best. However, it works well enough for a normal user. If you need quick precision, like in designing or editing, then you may not find ideal response.

Final Verdict

MX Master is one of the best ergonomic mouse in our list. It has a lot of features that make it great and adds to the comfort of using one. It has many extra buttons that will add exciting features to your mouse.

MX Master will even allow you to manage volume, open a specific software, and do a lot of custom changes. The long battery will add to the party as you can recharge it fast. If you charge it full for a day, it will keep working for more than a month. Thus, there will be no power issues at all. If you want to have a full set, we recommend Logitech comfort keyboard.