Memory Upgrade Designer Appliances E-Quill AirO2bic Mouse

Editor rating

3.6/5 on 5 July 2021

User's rating

17 reviews


  • Cradles the user's hand, enforcing mousing with the forearm rather than with the wrist.
  • Touted as the only mouse on the market that's both vertical and free from grip force.


  • Best used with click-free mousing software such as Nib, as click buttons are stiff on some units.
  • Difficult to use for precision work or with multiple large monitors.


If your hand needs radical rest coupled with vertical wrist orientation, the AirO2bic mouse plus click-free software could be a wise choice. Apart from that scenario, the AirO2bic has little to offer beyond other designs that implement similar features with more flexibility.

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