Evoluent – Ergonomic Wireless VerticalMouse C Series

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3.9/5 on 19 April 2021

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The fashionable Evoluent C is the newest member of the Evoluent mouse family. This ergonomic mouse not only has a new shape and a luxurious look, but it also has a range of technical enhancements. Ergonomic mice are made with the user’s comfort in mind. We know there’s a big demand for people who want to upgrade from the old mainstream computer mouse style, which has been around since the mid-1980s, to a more ergonomic mouse.

Can you think of any other goods you use on a regular basis that haven’t advanced in innovation in nearly three decades? If you’re still not convinced, consider the following five factors to use an ergonomic mouse.

Five reasons to use an ergonomic mouse:

  1. Be Careful Not to Twist Your Wrist! – Wrist pronation and stress on tendons are caused by using a normal computer mouse, which can result in repetitive stress injuries and long-term damage. Simply put, our wrists were not designed to twist in the way that a typical mouse takes every day. Most office workers require at least eight hours of work a day. An ergonomic mouse, like the Evoluent VMCRW VerticalMouse, allows the user to mouse in a natural handshake position, reducing discomfort and stress injuries.


  1. Less Is More – Unlike a conventional mouse, an ergonomic mouse is built to require less grip strength. The tendons in your wrist are released by forcing less grip on your mousing hand. This results in less fatigue and a reduced risk of aggravation over time. The strain and energy are transferred from the hand and wrist tendons to the stronger, larger muscles of the upper arm when using a vertical mouse.


  1. Assist in the Relief of Existing Pain – Most people do not begin their computing careers with an ergonomic mouse. Wrist pain can be unbearable, even though it doesn’t seem like much. It’s made worse if your work needs you to use a machine for the majority of the day. By correcting incorrect mousing techniques, ergonomic mice may help to relieve existing wrist, neck, and arm discomfort.


  1. Help Prevent Future Injuries – Don’t put off getting an ergonomic mouse until you’re in pain. Working with an ergonomic mouse promotes a neutral mousing posture and a relaxed grip, which can help avoid potential issues. An ergonomic mouse is everything you need to change your mousing style. It’s all about the layout. Give it a shot and you’ll be surprised at how relaxing switching from your old mouse can be.


  1. Designs Change for a Reason – Design innovations come and go. Every year, the auto industry unveils new concept cars at auto shows, and each year, development on those new models begins. Consider the enormous improvements that have occurred in the last 20-30 years, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of function and performance. Computer mice are the same way. In the field of ergonomics, the modern “teardrop” style mouse is decades old and long out of date. It will be considered a classic in the automotive world.

ergonomic vertical mouse


  1. FOR COMFORT AND GOOD HEALTH, AVOID FOREARM TWISTING: The patented ergonomic shape keeps your hand in a neutral upright position, preventing forearm twisting. The Evoluent VerticalMouse, according to many users, offers superior comfort and also relieves wrist pain.
  2. GREAT FIT AND RELAXING GRIP: The new form is much more relaxing to grip than before, and it suits the hand much better. The last finger is best supported by a wider lip.
  3. POINTER SPEED CHANGE: A pointer speed button behind the wheel allows for easy adjustment without adjusting the mouse grip. 
  4. INDICATORS OF POINTER SPEED: Top-mounted LEDs display the selected pointer speed, which ranges from low to high.
  5. POWERFUL ERGONOMIC SOFTWARE: The Mouse Manager software allows you to program five buttons to perform a variety of tasks without having to move the mouse or touch the keyboard.
  6. COMPATIBILITY OF HARDWARE: VerticalMouse is plug-and-play compatible with all USB-enabled operating systems. Basic button and wheel functions are functional without the use of any external drivers.
  7. COMPATIBILITY WITH APPLICATIONS: VerticalMouse comes with Mouse Manager software that allows you to customize the buttons. Mouse Manager is compatible with Windows 7 and 10 as well as Mac OS 10.5 to 10.14 (a 10.15 update is in the works).


  1. FEATURES: Lack of a middle mouse button
  2. SOUND: The clicking makes a bit of a creaking noise

Product Description

Excellent fit and a soothing grip

The new form is much more comfortable to hold and better suits the hand than before.

The last finger is best supported by a wider lip.

Receiver (Mini)

The 2.4 GHz receiver is small enough to prevent being knocked off the side of a laptop computer. (Compatible for both Windows and Mac.)

Pointer speed can be adjusted.

A pointer speed button located behind the wheel allows for easy adjustment without having to change the mouse grip.

Indicators of pointer pace

The pointer speed is indicated by top-mounted LEDs, which range from low to high.

Evoluent emblem illuminated

This is pure eye candy. Just when the power is turned on and when the pointer speed is changed does the light flash momentarily.

Ergonomic software that is extremely powerful

The Mouse Manager app allows you to program five buttons to perform a variety of tasks without having to move the mouse or touch the keyboard.

The following changes to the Evoluent 4 were made in designing
the Evoluent C:

  • Form: a less convex form is ideal for the hand. A smaller angle results in a better position for the arm and wrist.
  • Scroll wheel: the scroll wheel is positioned more in accordance with the natural direction in which the fingers point.
  • Longer buttons have a stronger grip and make operation easier.
  • The cursor speed can be adjusted to 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 dots per inch (DPI).
  • Aesthetics: a fresh, modern style with an opulent appearance.
  • A new sensor has been developed for even more precise tracking.
  • The Evoluent C mouse is a plug-and-play device. Download the new version of the Evoluent Mouse Manager app to adjust the button settings.

The Final Verdict

Using a traditional mouse requires turning the wrist as far as it can go, as seen below. The vertical mouse allows you to maintain a more natural ‘handshake grip’ on your forearm. It’s easier to use this mouse for longer periods of time in this position, and it’s also more comfortable. This feature will be extremely useful to VDU users. It’s possible to lose track of time using this mouse for hours on end without even realizing it.

We spend half of our time at the screen, on average, with the mouse in our hands. Finally, switching from a traditional or another kind of ergonomic mouse to a vertical mouse is a minor transition. It doesn’t take long to get used to this mouse.