Penclic 3-Scroll Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

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3.7/5 on 3 October 2021

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Some users always complain that their hand feels pain when they are using a mouse. Even if they use a wireless one, there are still some issues and they need a mouse that is simplest to use. Penclic R3 is the best ergonomic mouse for this type of people.

The mouse resembles like a pen on the table and needs almost same movements as a pen. You have a lot of options to customize the mouse as per your need. We will discuss some of the top features of this mouse below.


  • Laser sensor for the best precision
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Compatible for both Windows and Mac
  • Mirror design enables it for right as well as left-handers
  • Design contains a scroll wheel and three buttons
  • Operates on a variety of surfaces
  • Comes with a large rechargeable battery

Pros of Penclic Wireless Mouse

We discussed some key features and are ready to explore what benefits these features bring to your mouse.

Easy to Use

The best mouse is one that is very easy to use and doesn’t cause any issues when in use. The Penclic wireless mouse is one of the best ergonomic mouse that gives you a lot of freedom. The scroll wheel as well as buttons are in the right place. Thus, you can use the mouse with a lot of ease.

Rest for Arms

Your arm will not hurt when using this mouse. The shape resembles as of a pen and you grip the mouse in the same way. Thus, your arms as well as fingers won’t hurt even if you are using the mouse for long hours.

Good for Every Person

When buying a mouse, the largest concern for lefties is to find a mouse for their hand. Penclic knew the fact and came up with a special design. Now you don’t need to look for a separate mouse if you are lefty. The same mirror design will work ideal for righties as well as lefties.

Forward and Backward

Two mouse buttons become very handy when you are browsing on the web. One of them allows you to forward your screen by one tap while the other one gives you the freedom to go backward. Thus, there is no need to scroll and click on the button on your own. Design supports a lot of stuff.

Easy to Slide

The cursor works when you move the pen on the surface. However, there is no specific need of a mouse pad. The laser sensor is very smart and will work on any surface. Thus, you can use the mouse on your table, glass, or any surface.

Large Battery

Battery of your mouse plays a very crucial role. Some mouse needs a recharge every now and then. However, the Penclic wireless mouse comes with AAA 1.2V battery. You just have to recharge it once and it will work seamlessly for the whole month. Thus, you can use the mouse for a whole month.

Works on All Systems

The best feature of this ergonomic mouse is that it works on all systems. Many users work on Mac in their home, but had to shift to a Windows in their home. If you are one, you don’t need a separate mouse for both. This Penclic wireless mouse will work the best for Windows as well as Mac. If you also look for a Mac keyboard, can check these options.


Among some ideal features, there is a one that allows the mouse to save energy. You can charge the mouse through a USB. When you don’t use a mouse for 10 minutes, the energy saving mode activates in the mouse. This feature allows you to save power. The mouse will activate back when you click the left mouse button. A strong wireless connection will work even if you are using the mouse from a distance of 5 meters.

Cons of Penclic Wireless Mouse

There are some issues in the design as well as quality.

Scroll Wheel

The design is very well, but the scroll wheel is not in the right position. Penclic must improve it. You will either stretch your middle finger to scroll or will leave the mouse as a whole to scroll.


The build quality of the mouse is not very good. A slight mishap will result in break as the quality of the mouse is not very much reliable.

Final Verdict

This Penclic wireless mouse is one of the best as it comes with a special design. It resembles a pen and is very easy to use. However, there is a small issue in the design. If you scroll a lot, then you might see some issues. Apart from it, the mouse works very best with a large battery for your needs.