Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac Review

Kinesis Freestyle keyboard with VIP kit on the author's desk
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Here’s our ergonomic video review of the day. Check out “Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac Review.”

The Kinesis ergonomic keyboard has been one of our top picks for one of the best ergonomic keyboards for a very long time. I’ve personally bought a number of them over the years, and currently typing on a Mac version on my MacBook Pro. I also have a PC version that I use on my Chromebook and PCs as well as the Bluetooth version which I can use on either my Mac or PC.

If you need to use the same keyboard across Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and Linux laptops, get the Bluetooth version. I say this because I have had some challenges using a Kinesis that is made for a specific operating system on another operating system. For example, using the Mac version on a Chromebook meant I couldn’t use the Copy and Paste combinations. The Mac version has some kind of extra coding within the keyboard that makes the copy and paste combinations not work, and thus not be useable.

If you are considering a Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, you absolutely need to get the VIP accessory kit! Having the ability to tent your keyboard up a bit makes a world of a difference in ergonomic comfort plus you can adjust the tenting slowly so your typing speed will likely not suffer any slowdown.

Want to read more? Here is our review of the Kinesis Freestyle2. If you are interested in a version of this keyboard that has mechanical keys, consider the Kinesis Freestyle Edge. We bought one of these during the company’s Kickstarter campaign. We’ll write up a more detailed review at some point. In a nutshell, the Edge has macros and layers which allow you to customize the keyboard for your work or gaming layout. All of the customizations happens on the keyboard, not with a software you have to install (think keystroke combination configuration). It also has LED lights.

You can’t go wrong buying any Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, even an older used one if you can find one.

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