Evoluent Ergonomical Wired VerticalMouse C Series

Editor rating

3.9/5 on 5 July 2021

User's rating

48 reviews


  • Vertical position - which Evoluent claims to have invented - reduces pain for many.
    Easy, no-training adjustment for first-time users.
    Multiple buttons, which can be customized on a per-program basis if desired, allowing adaptation of shortcuts for specialized software needs.


  • Integrated, non-removable hand rest reduces precision slightly.
    Pinch force is considered by some to be a concern with most vertical mice.


With its easy adjustment factor, multiple buttons, and instantly comfortable design, the Evoluent is an excellent choice. Beware only if you have issues with gripping or pinching action, such as when picking up a drink or squeezing a stress ball.

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