Contour RollerMouse Red – Ergonomic mouse-central pointing device wired

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4.5/5 on 3 November 2020

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91 reviews


  • Solid, heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum
  • Mouse click sound adjustable (even to 0)


  • May get electrostatic build up :-(
  • Expensive


A RollerMouse is a way of controlling your mouse pointer that differs utterly from all that went before. We love it. It's an excellent ergonomic mouse.

The pointing device of your system plays a crucial role. The better device you have, the better your job becomes. So, every person wants to purchase the best ergonomic mouse to make the job easier. Here we are with Contour RollerMouse Ergonomic Mouse.

The best part about this mouse is that it is very simple and has a large roller for pointing—no more worries about dropping your device from a height or any other mishap. Now let us see what the different features that Contour offers you in this mouse are.


  • Use this large mouse with both hands.
  • Very precise wired pointing device
  • Comes with a wrist rest
  • A lot of buttons for accessible functions
  • You can even place your custom keyboard with the mouse.

Pros of Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

Let us see what the different pros of this rolling mouse are.

Simple to Use

Most people like to use a simple mouse with both hands. This rolling mouse is one that has a simple roll to use it. The same roll can be used to drag, drop, click, and move the cursor. Thus, you don’t need to remember complex combos in this ergonomic mouse.

Large Roller

A large mouse enables you to click anytime you want without searching for the sweet spot. Most mice are small, and you have a fixed position to use them. However, this one is a large roller, and you can roll from any side you like. The mouse works perfectly and will speed up your tasks.

No Dropping

Most people write in the review that their perfect mouse is no useless after it dropped by mistake. We know that mouse dropping is a big issue and interrupts your work. So, this one is a large roller. The chance of this big setup dropping down is rare. It is very stable and will retain its position in most cases.

Wrist Rest

When you are working for long hours, you need some resting point for your wrists. Thus, your wrists won’t pain in long usage hours. Contour Store knows this and gave you a wrist rest. Just insert the wrist rest with your rolling mouse, and you can use it easily. There is also a keyboard wrist pad option.

Precise Mouse

The best mouse is one that works precisely and responds as soon as you move the pointer. Many wireless pointers fail to achieve that level of a fast response. As a result, graphic designers or other experts are reluctant to buy them. This rolling mouse by the Contour Store connects with your system through a wire. Thus, you will get the fastest response from your mouse.

A lot of Keys

There are a lot of keys available on this rolling mouse. You can use them to control a lot of settings. Copy and paste were never easier before this mouse. However, this rolling mouse comes with specific buttons for copying the content and pasting it.

There are keys for adjusting pointer speed, click sound, and more. You can even place your custom keyboard over this mouse. Space is available; you just have to adjust it. Keyboard risers will allow you to fix the best height for your keyboard.

Strong Body

The mouse has an Aluminum body that ensures that it will work for a long without any issues. Even if you do minimal care, the mouse will work for many years without any problem. Wired connection means that you don’t need any batteries.

Cons of Ultimate Ergonomic Mouse

When it comes to the cons of this rolling mouse, there are some.


The amount of money needed to buy this rolling mouse is too much. Most people won’t spend this vast amount just for a rolling device. A regular ergonomic mouse is available in one-fifth of the same price.

Not for Thick Keyboards

This rolling device works perfectly for thin keyboards. You can set them on the risers and adjust them as per your need. However, a thick keyboard won’t fix it.

More Dirt

We know that moving parts do a lot of issues. Humans are eliminating moving pieces from their lives. However, Contour RollerMouse Ergonomic Mouse has a large moving part. This rolling part creates a lot of issues, including cleaning issues. Dirt will trap inside it and becomes very difficult to clean. It would help if you had the proper time to clean it.

Final Words

This rolling mouse is perfect for people who need the same setting for their mouse and keyboard. It also works fine with both hands and a lot of custom options. However, it costs very high and won’t work fine if you have a thick keyboard.

You can read our full review here. This is a 10 minute review video but very useful for folks considering this keyboard.