Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair

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4.5/5 on 18 April 2021

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If you’re looking for a natural cure for back pain and sciatica relief, or just daily comfort while sitting, the ComfiLife Coccyx Seat Cushion is an excellent multipurpose product. Its cut-out back relieves most back pain by relieving pressure on the tailbone. The ergonomic contour design also helps to maintain proper spinal alignment and a good posture. 

This high-density memory foam cushion could just do the trick if you’re looking for a cushion that will help you say goodbye to your lower back pain for a reasonable price. Its entire nature is geared toward relieving pressure on your lower back by ensuring that your tailbone hovers just above the seat’s surface without actually hitting it. It accomplishes this by including a cut-out for the coccyx bone. One of the most appealing aspects of this cushion is that it can be used anywhere—at work, in your car, or at home. It also encourages improved posture, which relieves lower back pain and improves overall alignment. It’s machine washable and comes with a handy handle for easy transport.


  • Reduce Sciatica and Back Pain
  • Relief for the Coccyx and Tailbone
  • Long-term sitting causes pain, this product helps to reduce the pain
  • Helps to enhance a posture that is good for you
  • Disc herniation
  • Sciatica Piriformis Syndrome Associated with Pregnancy

Any Chair Can Be Made Into A Premium Seat!

Because of its portability, you can take comfort with you wherever you go and transform any hard surface into a premium seat:

  1. Office chair
  2. Car seat
  3. Wheelchair
  4. Travel, Long commutes
  5. Seated Job, Road trips, Long flights
  6. Trucks & RVs
  7. Kitchen seats
  8. Recliners
  9. Sports Bleachers, Movie Theaters

Memory Foam is Heat and Weight Sensitive: The firmness of all memory foam products varies depending on the temperature. In warm weather, the cushion will feel softer, and in cold weather, it will feel firmer. The optimum temperature for optimal efficiency is room temperature. With increased weight, the ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion will provide less protection.

Durable, portable, and simple to clean

Superior to rivals, 100% High-Density Memory Foam is robust and offers long-lasting comfort. The all-in-one features incorporated into this portable cushion are unrivaled. The soft, machine-washable zippered cover is durable and simple to clean. The cushion is lightweight and portable, with a built-in handle.

The cushion is studded with a premium rubber texture for minimal to no movement, designed with your comfort in mind. There will be no more constant changes!


  • If your chair has lumbar support, get something thinner because this seat doesn’t compress. Wouldn’t recommend it for any chair that doesn’t have a solid straight back.

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What to Look for in a Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain


Most cushions are either inflatable or memory foam, and although one isn’t inherently better than the other, knowing what you need in terms of support is crucial before deciding. Too-firm cushions are painful, according to physical therapist Susan Eby, M.S., of Eby Physical Therapy in New York City, but squishy memory foam will compress too much in some cases to provide adequate support.

What is her favorite reading material? Anything that has been inflated. She explains, “Inflatable cushions allow you to change the firmness as well as move your weight and stimulate your core muscles during the day.”

A fixed-shape memory foam cushion with a little give, on the other hand, may be just what you need if you’re healing from an injury or need something more stable. Consider what kind of help you need, and then look for a cushion made of a material that can provide it.

Shape and Contour:

If you’re looking for more help, one of the most important factors to consider is if the cushion can be customized to your specific body type. A back cushion that keeps your spine balanced in a neutral position will help you from slouching and slumping.“The bottom of the pillow should protect the sacrum or tailbone, and the shape of [a lumbar] cushion should preferably fit the natural curve of your spine,” says Eby. “This will have a strong foundation for your whole spine.”

The same is true of coccyx seat cushions: if your tailbone does not rest over the support contour in the middle of the cushion, or if the cushion is too broad or narrow for your body, you will not benefit from its natural form. Promotes healthy posture, proper lumbar spine alignment, reduced back pain, increased blood flow to the legs & superior comfort. Helps relieve pain from back injuries, herniated, bulging or degenerated disc, sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, hip pain, sacral joint pain, stenosis, hemorrhoids, pregnancy and other conditions – experience extreme comfort

Memory foam retains its form and never flattens! It maintains its density over time, conforming to provide you with the support you need for comfortable seating! The cush will be felt by your tush. 

Get relief from backache and discomfort while sitting: It’s a fact that flat, stiff, and even traditionally padded cushion seats put pressure on your tailbone, causing pain, poor posture, incorrect spine alignment, reduced blood circulation, pinched nerves, and orthopedic issues. The Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair Cushion is ergonomically built with a doctor-recommended u-shaped cutout, providing a coccyx comfort room that allows your tailbone to “Float” instead of being crushed against the seating surface bearing your body’s weight.

Final Verdict

Our muscles tire despite our best efforts to maintain good posture during the day. When our muscles are unable to maintain alignment, support cushions assist us.

Lower back cushions won’t cure your lower back pain, but they can help with some of the causes—especially if you know your office chair or sofa is one of the sources of your discomfort. Make sure the cushion is as flexible as possible, and that you’ve spent as much time as possible customizing it to your particular seating situation and body.

Although there are many cushions on the market, the Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair is a good place to start for those suffering from general lower back pain.