Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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4.2/5 on May 26, 2017

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77 reviews


  • Low height allows for easy decluttering
  • Body weight gets more evenly distributed


  • Academic results inconclusive. May likely help.
  • Not the best choice for chair fidgeters.


Personally I would recommend you consider a stand up desk. If you have a regular desk and want to give this chair a try, it won't hurt! You will need to learn how to properly sit in one of these chairs. Here's a short video to get you started.

Kneeling chairs allow you to sit in a position where your thighs drop to an angle of around 65° (your thighs are usually around 90° in normal chairs). By dropping your thighs, some of your body weight shifts down to your shins. Shifting this weight reduces lower back strain in many people. If you suffer from tailbone pain, this type of chair could help reduce that type of pain. Do these chair work? We checked the academic studies. The results are not conclusive that this type of chair will definitely help everyone though some studies do show a reduction in back pain for some users.

I’ve used one of these chairs in the 90s while going to college. They seemed to help a bit in terms of keeping a better posture. I didn’t really have back pain but I did like the better posture. I mostly loved that I could tuck the chair under my desk to keep things uncluttered a bit. I ended up going with a traditional chair as I like to fidget a bit and spin at times which is not what these chairs are made for.