Is The MallBoo Variable The Best Kneeling Chair?

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4.2/5 on 8 November 2021

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  • Low height allows for easy decluttering
  • Body weight gets more evenly distributed


  • Academic results inconclusive. May likely help.
  • Not the best choice for chair fidgeters.


Personally I would recommend you consider a stand up desk. If you have a regular desk and want to give this chair a try, it won't hurt! You will need to learn how to properly sit in one of these chairs. Here's a short video to get you started.

If you feel pain all over your back and lumbar area, it’s time that you get off your regular office chair and find a much better alternative. Kneeling ergonomic chairs are here to save the day, thanks to all the benefits they deliver. The MallBoo Variable Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair is my latest obsession because of how comfy and fun it is.

If you’re an individual who prefers sitting at a regular desk instead of a raised ergonomic desk, you have to consider getting a kneeling chair. This one from MallBoo offers various sitting positions, plus you can rock it back and forth while working on your daily tasks. The chair design stimulates your body to sit in an upright position and ensures proper body posture.

So, is this chair worth your money, and should you add it to your cart? I dig more in-depth into this product’s features, pros, and cons in today’s review.


Various Sitting Positions

How do you determine which is the best ergonomic kneeling chair for you? One of my top priorities when looking at this chair type is the number of sitting positions, so after getting the MallBoo chair, I tested whether what the brand says is true.

According to the company, you can use the chairs for sitting in various positions. Aside from the expected ergonomic position that supports your back, you can also use it as a rocking chair, meditation chair, and the bottom part as a stool. I can confirm that whichever way you decide to sit on it, the ergonomic chair is comfy and supportive.

MallBoo Variable Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


You might not be able to adjust the height, but you can rotate the seat 360 degrees so that you can adapt it to the way you’re planning on using the chair. However, you should keep in mind that it won’t work with an ergonomic standing desk because you can’t raise it.

My favorite way to use it is definitely the kneeling ergonomic posture, because I spend most of the day working on my laptop. When I sit on the MallBoo chair, I can immediately feel relief with no more back pressure or knee pain. Plus, my core is engaged, which is the workout I need without even working out.

One of the main purposes of this product is to strengthen your core and back muscles. For example, if you spend all day tied to a chair, the chances are your posture needs work. Stronger back and core muscles mean improved posture.

Another huge advantage of the chair is the soothing rocking motions. While you sit and work you can rock back and forth, which made me much more relaxed even when I had stressful days.

Great Cushioning

The comfort of an ergonomic chair highly depends on the cushioning. This isn’t always the first feature that potential customers check, but as an ergonomic pro, I have to remind you how important it is.

Since the frame of this chair is made of wood, the thick padding prevents your knees from hitting the frame. When you sit on it you feel the urge to improve your posture, but you’ll never feel pressure on your knees or your behind. The brand opted for 4” cushioning in both knee areas and the chair, which proved to be more than enough while I was testing the product.

High Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the product is 300 lbs. This is above the average weight capacity for most ergonomic chairs, meaning that it will be suitable for most people. Similar chair designs that come at a much higher price have a significantly lower weight capacity.

Resembles The Original Design

The first ergonomic kneeling chair was introduced in 1970 by Hans Christian Mangshoel. This design is meant to improve your posture, stimulate your back and core muscles, and align your spinal cord. Although useful, there weren’t many options for this chair on the market.

This product by MallBoo is based on the original design and uses the same principles. Unfortunately, the same exact design by another brand costs three times more. Thankfully, MallBoo heard the prayers of people who are concerned about their health and want to improve their posture, so the company released their own Variable Balans Ergonomic Kneeling Chair.

Affordable Price

This MallBoo product is the best kneeling chair for everyone on the hunt for an affordable purchase. If you can’t spare $200 of your budget for a chair you don’t know you’ll use and like, then I highly recommend getting this one.

The affordable nature doesn’t mean that you’ll get a low-quality product. On the contrary, this ergonomic kneeling chair comes with all the essential features you need to practice an improved posture.

Is this the best ergonomic kneeling chair on the market? A few other high-end chairs use higher quality materials in the production, but they can be so expensive that not many people can afford them.

Is The MallBoo Variable The Best Kneeling Chair?


Easy To Maintain

The durable wooden frame is so easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it with a microfiber cloth once a week. The cover material is also soft, comfy, and easy to clean.


Height Isn’t Adjustable

What you get is what you see! The chair dimensions are as-is, meaning that you can’t adjust the height or the width; however, the company relied on their research when creating their design, providing a chair that would be an excellent fit for everyone.

There’s no need to worry that the chair will be uncomfortable for you as long as you’re within the weight limit. Since it’s made of a wooden frame, though, you can’t expect it to be as strong as metal; therefore, you should respect the recommended weight limit.

You Need To Assemble It

Unfortunately, this chair doesn’t come assembled. The process doesn’t take long and isn’t complicated; however, you still need to spare some of your time for assembly before you start using the chair.

Final Verdict

What is the best kneeling chair? Although the MallBoo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair isn’t the best on the market, it comes very close to the top performers. Aside from being an affordable, high-quality option, it’s designed based on the original kneeling chair design.

If you want to try sitting in an upright position or you’re experiencing back, neck, lumbar pain, this MallBoo chair can be a cheap solution. The rocking motions are calming, and the frame is designed to promote a proper body posture.