SafeType Keyboard

Editor rating

3.9/5 on 19 November 2020

User's rating

25 reviews


  • One of only two vertical keyboards currently on the market (the other being the Kinesis Freestyle with its "Ascent" kit).
  • Innovative mirrors allow you to see your fingers while typing, easing training for workers who need to stay productive.
  • Backspace on one half of split spacebar makes editing on the fly easier.


  • Non-alphanumeric keys such as Home, End, and the arrows are inaccessibly located in the keyboard's midsection.
  • Standard rubber-dome key switches will disappoint gamers and most performance typists.
  • Mirror arms must be handled with care during adjustment.
  • Backspace-on-spacebar function can't be changed, which can lead to user frustration during training.


For medical transcriptionists, writers, and anyone who types a lot of alphanumeric text, the SafeType is a viable choice. Developers, gamers, and editors may find the inaccessibility of "extra" keys a serious issue.


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Read our full review on the SafeType Keyboard. Here is a short video (reviewer is a bit over the top but we appreciate that you can get a sense of this keyboard clearly).