Spark “Start Standing Now” Standing Desk

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4.5/5 on 17 July 2018

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341 reviews


  • Inexpensive and it works
  • Convert almost any existing sit down desk
  • Three sizes available based on your height
  • Has platform that also raises your keyboard


  • Unfolding and folding repeatedly will reduce lifespan
  • Not as stable as permanent solutions
  • Mouse area juts out slightly benefiting right handed people


Not sure you are ready to invest in a stand up desk? You can pop this cardboard desk right on top of your  existing desk. When you need a break and want to sit, simply move the cardboard setup to the side and go back to a traditional desk.  When you are done with it and either get a permanent solution or give it up entirely, you can pass this setup on to someone else to try.

We first tried this version via their Kickstarter campaign a couple of years or so ago. One of my colleagues was so excited about the cheap cardboard stand up desk that he bought four and passed on to friends. In case you are wondering if this setup is stable enough for typing, the answer is yes! At least at first though if you fold and unfold the set up a number of times that stability will go down. This desk also got people to notice and ask questions. If you work in a busy office prepare for the questions and interest!

This vendor makes three sizes so shorter to taller people can get to an optimal standing height. Large for instance is recommended for anyone 6′ or over. If you want to put a monitor on the top level, the manufacturer recommends no heavier than 100 pounds. I tried a monitor on my setup and it seemed sturdy enough though if your desk gets knocked hard by a kid or dog , the monitor could come tumbling down plus the it’s super resistant against termites and other pests.

We never had any problems but based on what we have read online, this company has been giving great customer service which is awesome considering the price point is so low.

It’s $30 or so. Give it a try!

Here is a short video from the manufacturer Ergodriven.