Perfit Optical Mouse Medium Right

Editor rating

4/5 on 30 May 2021

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5628 reviews


  • Available in multiple sizes for the left and right hand to fit each user's needs.
  • If properly sized, shape of the mouse supports the user's hand very comfortably.
  • Encourages whole-arm mousing, but is also usable with "precision grip."
  • Three full-size low-force buttons (virtually "think to click"), plus a back/forward rocker switch.


  • Thumb-operated scroll wheel is not ideal and can cause serious issues if overused.
  • Coating on newer models feels slippery to some users.
  • No onboard pointer speed control.
  • Precision grip doesn't work well unless you have a soft support for the bony heel of your hand.
  • Mouse design can cause the wrist to back-bend if placed on a work surface below elbow height.


The Contour mouse (formerly Perfit mouse) was a revolutionary device in its day - but its day was one of small monitors and high desktops, and this shows somewhat in its aging design. Still worth a try, especially if other mouse designs have failed you.

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