Penclic Nicetouch Touchpad And Hand Rest Combination

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3.1/5 on 30 May 2021

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2572 reviews


If your hands are hurting and you need relief, I cannot really recommend the whole Penclic desktop. While the keyboard is narrow and fairly easy to type on, its lack of shaping and adjustable features make it a poor competitor for Kinesis and Goldtouch. On the other hand, it does go wonderfully well with the NiceTouch, and the NiceTouch can be useful in the two-handed scheme we just covered. But you don’t absolutely need one for the other; each device in the Penclic desktop can be connected on its own, so you can choose just the pieces that make sense for you.

Unlike the Penclic keyboard, the Penclic mouse has some serious ergonomics going on. Few positions are more comfortable than holding a pen, and the ball joint design provides flexibility. The buttons remain a drawback, though a different kind of drawback than they were last time. I definitely recommend using a secondary device for clicking – either the NiceTouch, or something even better like a RollerMouse. Set it up that way, and you may find the Penclic to be just what you need.

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