Mycestro The Wearable Gesture Based Mouse

Editor rating

3.5/5 on 17 February 2018

User's rating

13 reviews


  • Works mid-air, not requiring a mouse pad or any fixed surface.
  • Full three-button mouse with a surprisingly robust scrolling feature.
  • Accurate positioning and tracking for this type of device.
  • As light and comfortable as such a mouse is apt to be, given current technology.


  • No particular ergonomic features other than ultra-freedom, which cuts both ways. You could easily overuse this mouse, or use it in an improper position, with harmful results.
  • Not light or comfortable enough for all-day use with intensive typing (which is probably a bad idea anyway).


Really good for mobile work, presentations, and big-screen computing from the couch. Probably not an improvement for standard 9-to-5-at-the-desk work.

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