Matias Ergo Pro Keyboard for PC

Editor rating

3.2/5 on 17 February 2018

User's rating

37 reviews


  • One of just a very few mechanical ergonomic keyboards currently available.
  • Comes with adjustable tent, palm rests, and negative tilt built in.
  • Sturdy build with cables that detach from both ends - great for packing and traveling.


  • Keys went bad in two samples we tested, requiring replacement of the entire key module.
  • Relatively thick profile may not work well for some users' operating position and work surface height.
  • Palm rests must be used in order to tent the keyboard with the built-in center feet.


If you want a split ergo mechnical keyboard, the Matias is one of only two choices on earth (the other being the new Kinesis mechanical Freestyle, which isn't out yet as of this writing). Our experience with key switch connections going bad gives some cause for concern, but Matias is good about replacing these under warranty, so you probably shouldn't be too worried. Built-in tenting, tilt, and removable palm rests make the Ergo Pro a premium choice at a reasonable price point.

Read our full review here. Here is a short video review.