Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard w/ VIP3 Lifters for Mac

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4.4/5 on 21 February 2021

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61 reviews


As an owner of the old Freestyle, I personally would not pay retail to upgrade. The thinner profile and key changes are nice, but not in themselves worth it for my purposes. If, however, you're still considering the purchase of your first ergonomic keyboard, the Freestyle2 enhancements are another great reason to choose Kinesis.

Kinesis Freestyle keyboard with VIP kit


In case you haven’t noticed, the trend with keyboards runs toward thinner profiles. Thin keyboards undeniably look fantastic (see: Apple), but there’s an ergonomic benefit here too: The thinner your keyboard, the easier it is to get your hands properly above it, which can help your wrists stay in a more neutral position. Is a quarter inch less total thickness going to make a life-changing difference? Probably not, but the desk-hugging design of the Freestyle is just one more thing to like about it – and yes, it does look pretty good as well.

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