KINESIS PD7DXT-WR DXT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 2

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3.8/5 on 3 November 2020

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More reasons than ever to buy a DXT
When people ask me what ergonomic pointing device to buy, I usually recommend two choices: the RollerMouse Re:d for those with large budgets and little need for precision, and the DXT mouse for everyone else. With its increased speed options and wireless version, the new generation DXT mouse makes a great design even more attractive.

A mouse plays a vital role when using a computer because it decides how easy it will be to use our system. A right mouse will be one that will do the perfect job and will be easier to carry even if you are traveling. KINESIS PD7DXT-WR DXT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 2 is an ergonomic mouse with a lot of exciting features. This mouse is also called as a vertical mouse as well.

In the following lines, we will review this mouse in detail and see different features. There are many pros to this mouse that makes it ideal for traveling—being wireless means that you need only a small space to use this mouse.


  • Based on Zinc, this mouse is very stable and accurate.
  • Best design, ideal for most type of jobs
  • The shape allows you to carry it with you during travel easily.
  • Works for both right and left hand with an instant switch
  • The compact design makes it best for everyone.
  • Fast charging and a long battery life

Pros of KINESIS PD7DXT-WR DXT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 2

Some of the common pros of Kinesis mouse are:

Stable and Accurate

The base of this mouse is made up of Zinc. Thus, it makes the mouse very stable and will work best for you. It is very accurate, and with slight hand movements, you will use the mouse with a lot of ease.

Awesome Design

Design plays a crucial role in your mouse. A good mouse comes with a simple yet effective design; this Kinesis ergonomic mouse has an efficient design. You can use the mouse with ease and comfort.

The design allows you to carry the mouse in your whole hand. Less weight means that you don’t need a lot of force to hold the mouse. Moreover, you will get a better grip when you are using this vertical mouse from Kinesis.

Long Battery

We know that shape matters a lot during travel. The body of this mouse allows you to carry it with you without the worry of breaking. However, battery life also plays a vital role when you are out of your home.

When you charge the mouse for just 30 seconds, it will work for more than 2 hours. The reason is the fast charging system in this mouse, along with a large battery. With just 90 mins of full charge, you can use the mouse for up to two weeks. Thus, charging will never become an issue in this mouse.

One Mouse for All

Lefties have a hard time when they are finding the best mouse for them. The reason is that most good mice are only for right-handers. However, this one is good for both. You will just tap a button, and it will change the right and left keys. Now, you have the freedom to use the same mouse for a different hand. When you are working for long hours, and one hand is tired, you can use this feature to switch between hands.

Use with a Dongle

There is no wire to connect the mouse with your system. It allows you to use the mouse with ease and comfort and no tension to manage the long cables. Instead of wire, you will use this effective mouse just with a simple dongle.

Charge your mouse, insert the dongle in any USB port of your system, and the mouse will start working. Thus, your mouse will work very well, even in a little space.

Fits your Hand

Most people complain that their mouse doesn’t fit in their hands. Other mice are meant to hold in your whole hand that causes these issues. However, this one is simply for your fingers. Thus, anyone can use it without any problem of hand size.

Cons of Kinesis Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Let us now discuss some cons of this mouse. For detailed manuals, you can visit the company site.

Scroll Wheel Failure

A lot of users complained that their scroll wheel failed to work. Even in some initial months of use, the scroll wheel will not respond to your actions. It becomes a significant concern because you will be left with a perfect mouse that doesn’t scroll.

Scroll Wheel Issues

Another cons is also related to the scroll wheel. In some systems, the scroll wheel will make very long jumps. It causes a lot of confusion and issues.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a simple yet effective ergonomic mouse, this will be the best one from Kinesis. You can carry it with ease and also use it with simple movements. Just make sure that the scroll wheel works fine over time. Thus, this will be your perfect mouse for many days.

See our full review of this mouse. Here is a short video review.