Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)

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4.6/5 on 10 November 2021

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Many people look for the best keyboard when they have to do typing. An ergonomic keyboard should be your first choice because it allows you to type quickly. These types of keyboards are perfect if you type a lot.

Writers are very prestigious people. This blog is written by a writer. If you are not using the right keyboard, your wrist will start to pain and create hurdles if you are typing a lot. So, let us see what the different features that this keyboard by Kinesis brings are.


  • Best ergonomic shape for extra comfort
  • Very easy for typing and best performance
  • Custom layouts in your keyboard buttons
  • Easily plug and well using a USB wired connection
  • Extended warranty to give you long comfort

Pros of Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Let us start with some of the pros and consider how it benefits us.

Comfortable in Start

This keyboard’s shape is very incredible and will provide you with a lot of ease when typing. This ergonomic keyboard will increase your productivity as you will be able to type more in less time. However, we recommend you take small breaks between your work. This way, you will avoid strains and issues.

Easy Typing

If you are a premium typist, then this keyboard will prove the best for you. It has all that allows you to type with ease. The mechanical switches will enable you to change different options and adjust the keyboard as per your need. You can even start a low activation force that will allow you to type with ease.

Custom Layouts

The layouts in the keyboard are not fixed on the same point. You have the option to alter them as per your need and change the design. The default layout in this keyboard is QWERTY. However, you can even change it to other designs that excite you during work.

Palm Support

This ergonomic mechanical keyboard comes with palm support. The palm support allows you to place your palms in a rest position. Thus, even if you are working for long, your palms will remain at rest. Unless you start using the keyboard at extreme, your palms won’t hurt much, and you can continue using the keyboard.

Plug and Play

This keyboard is straightforward to use because you don’t need to install any software for it. The keyboard is simply plugged and play with simple options—no need to wait for minutes before your keyboard is ready to use.

3 Years Warranty

When the item is in warranty, we love to purchase it. The reason is that the seller is here to assist us if there arise some problem in the initial days of usage. The same is the case with this keyboard. It comes with an extended warranty for three years.

This warranty will cover you in case of any issue or mishap that comes in your way. Kinesis is known to make quality products, and you will rarely receive a dead keyboard.

Wired Keyboard

Speed matters a lot when you are writing for a long time, or your job requires a lot of writing. It would be best if you had a keyboard that replicates your writing as soon as you type it on the board. Kinesis ergonomic keyboard is the best in this sense as it connects through a wire. Thus, there is no lag in the connection and speed.

Cons of Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Even the best devices come with some cons, and the same is valid here. These are small cons that won’t matter for a majority of people.

Not for Small Hand People

If you have medium to large hands, then this keyboard will work the best for you. You will love the layout and design, as it is the perfect one. However, if you have small hands, then this keyboard might not suit you. You may find it hard to reach too far keys like P or Q. Make sure to consider the size and comfort if you have small hands.

Wrist Pain in Extreme Use

There is wrist support that will cover you in most cases. However, some people use a keyboard for more than twelve hours in a day. This keyboard might not be the best option for these people. If you overuse the keyboard, you may get wrist pain.

Final Words

Kinesis Advantage2 is one of the best ergonomic keyboards for you. If you do a lot of typing, then you will love it. It is swift and comes with wrist support to prevent pain in your hands. Overall, this is the best keyboard for people with medium or large hands.