Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse Medium Right Wired Hand

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4.4/5 on 3 November 2020

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Some of the best mouse are wireless and have a strong wireless to allow nearly seamless navigation. However, designers as well as photo editors love a wired mouse. They need the best ergonomic mouse that will provide a real-time response. A wired mouse will prove to be the best in this case. Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse Medium Right Wired Hand will give you a fast connection. Some users doesn’t like wired mouse because they find it difficult to handle wires. However, people who need fastest connection loves a wired mouse because they are very fast. So, let us explore what are the different features of Hippus Hand Shoe.


  • Best shape
  • Available in a lot of sizes
  • Easy to work even for long hours
  • No need to install any software

Pros of Hippus Hand Shoe

There are a lot of exciting features in Hippus Hand Shoe for you. Some of the top features are as follows:

Unique Shape

This ergonomic mouse has one of the best shape. It will support your hand completely and won’t cause any problem. The shape will give maximum comfort to you and allow your forearm to remain in relaxing position.

The design also allows you to rest your hand on the mouse. It will save your hand from brushing against the desk. Thus, you won’t feel any problem even after using the mouse for long hours. The best thing is that you can use the mouse for extended hours.

Different Sizes

There are a lot of sizes available for the mouse. Many users often complain that they have either large hands or too short ones and the mouse doesn’t fit in their hand. Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse Medium Right Wired Hand gives the best option for its users by launching the same mouse in three different sizes. Now you can select between small, medium, or large size.

Easy to Work

Hippus M2WB-LC works perfectly on a lot of surfaces. You won’t face any issues on most surfaces. When people purchase a mouse, the biggest issue is to select a mouse pad. However, this ergonomic mouse will work the best on most surfaces.

Plug and Play

Users love a mouse that is simple to use. The wireless mouse works very best but lacks a simple feature. You must install some sort of software first before they are ready to use. However, this is not the case with a wired mouse. You just have to plug the mouse and it is ready to use. There is no need to install any relevant software which makes it easy to use.

Safe for the Skin

Most mice are good for short use. However, they start irritating your skin as soon as you start using it after a certain time. This stops you from using the mouse for a longer time. Hippus knows this and created the best ergonomic mouse for your skin.

This mouse comes without friction between your hands and the mouse. Thus, you can use it for a longer time with no issues at all. Even after a long use, your skin won’t irritate.

Best for Right Handers

The best use of this mouse is for right handers. They will love the way this mouse works and supports ease. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing for left-handers. There is a special version that is for you if you use the mouse with your left hand.

There is also a version for users who want to use the mouse without a wire. That is a wireless version that gives the comfort of using the mouse without any wire. However, you must opt for that version separately as this one is a wired version.

Cons of Hippus HandShoe M2WB Mouse Medium Right Wired Hand

The mouse works best but still there are some issues. Let us discuss its cons.

Less Precision

We know that wired mouse gives a better precision. However, this model is very large and provides a precision less than a small mouse. So, you must ensure to buy a size that best suits your hand size. If you fail to do so, you will miss right precision.

Some users will compensate it by using the mouse with lower pointer speed. However, if you have multiple monitors, then this setting will become tricky.

Final Verdict:

Hippus Hand Shoe M2WB is one of the best mouse. It will ease your job and will do a lot of stuff for you. You can hold it for long hours without any issue. However, precision is an issue because of its large size that you must manage. For other ergonomic wireless mouse options, check out this page.