Bili Pro Foot Mouse w/ Pedal Board

Editor rating

3.7/5 on 17 February 2018

User's rating

11 reviews


  • Mouse and foot switches are usable even when wearing shoes. (Optimal use requires shoe removal.)
  • A dedicated, easy-to-use scroll wheel is included on the foot switch panel.
  • Software driver allows customization of button functions on a per-program basis.


  • Precision is going to be an issue with any foot-operated mouse, and the BiLi Footmouse is no exception. Don't expect to be able to do all of - or even most of - what you could accomplish with a hand-operated mouse. And be prepared to build up your thighs in the process.
  • Foot strap is limp, which means you can't attach the mouse to your foot without getting under your desk and putting it on like a shoe.


The Footmouse is a good choice if you've exhausted hand options and are desperate for a way to keep using your computer, or if you have a job, such as in manufacturing, that requires your hands for other purposes.

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