Best Ergonomic Recliners


Armchairs and recliners are designed to help us comfortably relax and unwind. You would think this is all you need to take the stress off of your body, but once you try an ergonomic recliner you will understand that there is so much more.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Ergonomic Recliners To Buy

  • Extra massage settings
  • Added ottoman
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Massage and heat settings
  • 13 functions
  • Sturdy

Your ergonomic reclining chair will do more than just recline backwards and prop your feet up.

Your recliner will be specifically designed to take unwanted strain and stress off of your body and keep your body’s posture in a more natural position while still relaxing.

You will find more support and comfort when you switch your focus from a simple comfy armchair or recliner to an ergonomic recliner. Even after a few days you will see the difference in how your body feels.

Our Top 5 ergonomic recliners

1.   Best Choice Products PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman

This cozy chair is going to come with two options for color, either in black or brown. This way you can match to whichever room you are wanting to place it in. It will be stylish and comfy for many years. Best Choice products created this recliner to come with an ottoman, so while you are reclining backwards you can still prop your feet up. Built from a sturdy metal frame, this chair is covered in PU leather to give you an overall durable piece of furniture. The chair comes with a remote control to allow you to choose one of five massage settings, but that is not all. There is also the option to choose from nine intensity levels and two nodes to knead the upper and lower back as well as your legs. The chair also has settings for the heat and the remote that allows you to control all of these things can fit comfortably into a side pocket on the recliner itself so you never lose it.


  • Durable
  • Extra massage settings
  • Added ottoman
  • Heated


  • Some have reported that the “kneading” setting is more like a vibration
  • Some users have reported and initial smell with the chair

2.   Microfiber Massage Recliner Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Heated

This chair has a compact design to fit in any cozy little corner or to be situated in the center of any room as well. It is microfiber so the material itself is very comfortable and soft and will not irritate your skin. The chair is attractively designed and while it is made to be very therapeutic, it does not look like it belongs in a hospital but will conform to the style of most modern living rooms. The chair is made sturdily from strong metals in order to prevent from breaking and to handle the repeated full reclining motion. The chair comes with a remote control to give you power over your massage settings and even heat for your chair. These bonus features make the chair even more desirable especially after a long day of work.


  • Comes with a remote control
  • Massage and heat settings
  • Compact to fit anywhere
  • Full range reclining


  • Available in one color
  • Small

3.   SUNCOO Massage Recliner Bonded Leather Chair Ergonomic Lounge Heated Sofa

Sunco has many great recliners to offer you if you are hoping to search more for them, but this is by far the best selection for ergonomic chair. It is marketed as a 13-in-1 chair because it comes with so many features that it can do. Not only to recline but also heating, massaging, 360 degree swivel and rocking. This chair can do virtually anything you would want or need a recliner to do. The chair comes in your choice of three colors, either black or brown or even khaki if you prefer that. The chair is made with a very solid frame and is crafted out of leather material to offer you something lasting. There is a sponge cushion and silk padding to offer you maximum comfort with breathability.


  • 13 functions
  • Heated
  • Cup holder
  • Sturdy


  • Not as stylish as others
  • No remote control

4.   Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Flash Furniture has come up with yet another great addition to its line of furniture. This leather recliner with an added ottoman comes in your choice of one out of four colors. You can go with classic black, a bold white, cozy brown or even dark brown. Whichever color you choose will look great on this contemporary recliner. The chair itself is equipped with an integrated headrest for maximum support. This is a lever adjusting recliner has a swivel seat and a mahogany base to give you range of motion and stability all in one.


  • Mahogany base
  • Swivel seat
  • Integrated headrest
  • Color options


  • Slightly difficult assembly
  • Reclining mechanism is not as fancy as others

5.   SKEMiDEX Massage Recliner Sofa Chair

This ergonomic recliner comes with eight different massaging nodes to give you the ultimate relaxation experience. There is also a heating option while you massage to give you the heat therapy your body has been begging you for. The chair is extremely comfortable with 28 sponge pads to provide you with a pillow like seat. Adjustments are easy to make to this PU leather seat so you will be able to have full range reclining and relaxation simply.


  • Easy adjustments
  • 8 massaging nodes
  • 28 sponges for comfort
  • Contemporary design


  • Simple design
  • Less support than some models

How did we chose the best ergonomic recliners

Added support

The core of ergonomics is that the tools, equipment and furniture we use daily should be support us rather than us curving and contouring our bodies into unnatural positions to accommodate the furniture.

For this reason, support it at the top of the list for considerations.

The chair needs to be comfortable of course, and we will see this consideration next on the list, but support is an entirely different thing to consider.

Your support needs to include back, arms, and even leg support.

You are using the chair primarily during relaxation and the way you relax should not cause more stress to your body but should take away from it.


The comfort of your chair is also paramount to the purchase of your selected recliner.

Recliners are specifically searched for and bought due to the fact that they are comfortable for relaxation.

We valued comfort highly on the list and sought out chairs that offer optimal comfort in the way they are designed, the material that is considered, the special features and the way they will be comfortably fit into your home.


This seems like an obvious point, but a high consideration is that the chair reclines.

Not only that the chair is reclining but that it is reclining well, without kinks to the system, squeaks, screeches or other noises and that it is easy for any user to recline the chair backwards and back to the upright position however often it is needed.


You are going to want this chair to be around for awhile, not only because it is going to be incredibly comfortable and supportive but because you are going to be paying the price of a recliner which is no small investment.

The material needs to be that which will not easily tear, that will be able to withstand numerous uses.

The chair frame itself needs to be high quality and sturdy so that it can be reclined back and restored to the upright position thousands of times without issues.


The material of your chair is important for two main reasons. The first is because it needs to be durable and last through the many times someone will be sliding in or off the surface of the chair.

The other reason is your personal preference for style.

If you want a strictly leather chair to match a theme or style in your office then you are going to want to know exactly what the chair is made out of.

Added features

Added features are the bonus goodies that come with a supportive, comfortable chair.

Things like armrests are expected, but a remote control, an ottoman and massage features are things that do not have to be included, but are extremely nice to have.

This will only amplify your experience and make you more comfortable and happy with your purchase.

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Time to make the change to more comfortable living

Are you ready to experience the best life that you can? It is long overdue for you not to just treat yourself but do your body, and your long term health a favor.

Make the transition to a more healthy lifestyle and begin giving your body the proper love that it deserves. Our list is great for your ergonomic reclining chair needs, and if you are ready to make the changes in your office space we can help with that as well.

In your office you are sitting for hours and hours on end, every day.

Even the smallest movements you make, like clicking the mouse are causing terrible strain on your wrist, your bones, muscles and joints.

We can help get you started by switching out your old, obsolete office furniture and equipment, and get you going with higher quality, ergonomic office furniture. You will be feeling the relief in your joints in no time!

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