Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers


So maybe you’ve heard about ergonomics and you think it is a trend or silly fad that has come now and will be gone tomorrow.

Or maybe you think it is just a gimmick or new catch phrase to help sell products better.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Ergonomic Baby Carriers To Buy

  • Multiple color choice
  • Accurate support
  • Adjustable to fit baby’s growth
  • Great for baby and toddler
  • Carries a lot of weight
  • Machine washable

Because it is a science designed to help keep your body supported and to improve your overall health it is definitely for babies as well.

We want the best for our children from the very beginning, so why would we start them off in a baby carrier that does not provide support for their little, growing and developing bodies? We would not. Ergonomic baby carriers are designed to help both mommy and baby.

The carriers will allow you to wear your baby, alleviating pain on your arms and relieving some stress from your back.

It will also support your baby without forcing all of the baby’s weight on to the babies bottom.

Instead the carrier will distribute the weight evenly and keep the weight from adding pressure to the baby’s spine and rear.

This handy device will be good for both mommy and baby by allowing them the quality time and closeness as well as by reducing strain on mommy’s spine and baby’s spine.

All and all it is a two for one, ergonomically redesigning how we think about being a new mommy.

What should I be looking for in an ergonomic baby carrier?

As a mom or dad it is your top priority to purchase things for your baby that are of good quality to ensure that your baby is safe, comfortable and healthy.

At allthingsergo, we also keep in mind a few specification before we decide to include anything in our blog posts.

For the ergonomic baby carrier, things we have considered are: support, comfort, color, weight, and the material that the product is constructed out of, and the age range the product is designed for.

Accurate support

While many products support the baby in the fact that they keep the baby held in a stationary position while you wear the carrier, it is more important that the carrier is providing accurate support to the baby and mommy or daddy.

The carrier needs to be equipped to balance the weight evenly and not force added pressure on to the baby’s spine, and not to cause more strain to mommy or daddy than needed.

Many carriers force the entire weight of the baby on to the bottom area of the baby’s bottom which is pulling and pressing on the spine of your baby.

For these ergonomic carriers it is of extreme importance that the weight is distributed throughout the body.

Comfort for mommy and baby

The baby’s support is a must but so is comfort. While wearing your baby if course is going to cause your back to ache a bit so would carrying your baby all day.

But you will find that it is less painful when you baby carry.

And it is comfortable to use, as you can hold the baby and use your hands for whatever you need to do.

It is important to us that your products are comfortable to use and comfortable for baby too.

Color and style options

This may seem like a silly consideration but as you will actually be wearing the baby for everyone to see, you are going to be interested in how it looks.

Whether you choose more neutral tones or something to pop and represent you personality or just happy colors for baby.

There are a lot of style options and colors as well that you can look through to choose the very best one for you, your partner and your baby.

Lightweight design

Naturally the baby carrier should not be adding excessive strain on your body.

For this reason you want to specifically look for lightweight carriers that do not cause more damage than good to your body.

They can definitely be both lightweight and supportive at the same time.

Do not let light weight scare you and make you think that means that you will not be able to hold the weight of your child.

The support will still be there and will be comfortable for you and your child.

Product material

The material that your product is made out of is also of key importance.

This is because the material dictates how you can wash it, how comfortable it is and how sturdy and durable the baby carrier will be in the long run.

Many are switching to more natural products, or want cotton for easy washing.

Those are all possible, but you need to make sure that it will also hold up color, shape and support after some heavy duty usage.

Age Range

The age range of the baby is the final consideration. Not all carriers are designed to support the baby from infancy and some are specifically made to support infancy and not thereafter.

Make sure that your baby carrier targets the age that you are planning to use it for, or even better, look only for the ones that allow you to use the carrier well through early months into later infancy.

The top 5 baby carriers on the market today:

1.LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier

LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360


Lillebaby has come out with a well designed, sturdy baby carrier to get you moving around and taking your baby with you.

The six-position ergonomic carrier comes in a variety of colors, 28 to be exact which means you can choose the perfect fit for you and your family.

The carrier has perfect lumbar support to keep your baby comfortable and correctly supported at all times. You can carry your baby on your back like a backpack or on the front or even on your hip.

You can position the baby facing forward or backward or even in a fetal position.

The torso extends and there is a removable sleeping hood to cover your baby when you need it, or take it off when you do not.

There are adjustable side panels to allow you to carry the baby even as it grows.


  • Multiple color choice
  • Accurate support
  • Six positions
  • Adjustable


  • Shoulder support panel may be weak
  • A little too hot

2. Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carrier


Ergobaby 360 gives you every option possible for how to wear your baby comfortably and with style.

This carrier comes in eleven different colors so you can choose whichever is best for you.

You can carry baby however you want, facing forward or backwards, on the hip, your back or your front.

As baby grows you do not have to purchase a new carrier, because it is designed to grow with you and keep your baby at your side all of the time.


  • Adjustable to fit baby’s growth
  • Multiple color options
  • Great for baby and toddler
  • Multiple carrying positions


  • Hood is slightly small
  • Difficult to adjust when you have it on

3. Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier

Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier


Infantino came onto the market with an ergonomic hoodie carrier as well.

This carrier comes in only one color, but it is a neutral grey so you can wear it with anything, and it will be good for others to use as well.

The hood has a cute chevron design and ears on top as well. This carrier is not designed for newborn infants, but begins from 12 pounds.

The seat is ergonomic and will support the baby in a proper way. There are two ways to carry, either in front or in the back and is machine washable.


  • Carries a lot of weight
  • Neutral color
  • Comes with a hood
  • Machine washable


  • Only one color
  • Not for newborns

4. Lumiere Baby 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier - All Season Baby Sling


This ergonomic baby carrier comes in only two colors, but they are both sleek and stylish, either grey or navy blue.

This baby carrier is made to be great for all seasons, providing comfort, support and warmth for when it is cold, but cool enough for when it is hot outside.

This carrier comes with six carrier positions so you can wear baby however is most comfortable for you.

What is great is that this carrier comes with extra comfort and support for mom and dad that keeps less strain on your shoulders and back, and is padded as well.


  • Stylish
  • Six posiitons
  • Extra shoulder padding
  • For all seasons


  • Only two color options
  • Some customers report the carrier being loose

5.BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons

BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat for All Seasons


BabySteps ergonomic carrier is going to be one of the most cost effective purchases on the list.

While it is cheap, it is still sturdy and provides support and comfort that you and baby need all day long.

The baby carrier comes in both green and black to give you the option to have a color that pops or a neutral tone to go with most anything.

Made from organic cotton, this is a breathable and light carrier.


  • Cheap
  • Cotton
  • Adjustable
  • Correct support


  • Limited color sections
  • Not as durable

Final Thoughts

You have all the tools to get started and strap your baby carrier on.

You’ll be hands free and abby carrying in no time. You will be surprised at the ease it is to care for your child and how you are able to do so many more things now with your child at your side.

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