Best Standing Desk DIY Tutorials

Best Standing Desk DIY

We’re huge fans of DIY. Unfortunately, you probably can’t make your own ergonomic keyboard or mouse, but you can make your own standing desk! Before you begin to make your own best standing desk, please review this Standing Desk Calculator. You just pick your height and the graphic will show you how high your ideal desk height should be. I’m 6′ so my desk should be at 44″.

They also have four good tips on that page. In summary:

  1. Set the height of your desk so you are able to type on a keyboard with your arms rested comfortably at your sides
  2. Place your keyboard and mouse close to one another and at the same level.  When you type, your wrists should be straight.
  3. Raise your monitor to be at eye level so you are not tilting your neck up or down while you work.
  4. Avoid a single light source and direct light that creates glare because it can tire your eyes.

OK, now on to the best do-it-yourself standing desk tutorials.

The $0-$65 Ikea Standing Desk Hack

Want to just build a standing desk add-on that fits on top of your desk? We love this concept because you can always revert to sitting down later in the day 🙂 We actually built this one ourselves several years back and wrote this post from one of these desks. In a nutshell, you are going to need an Ikea Side Table. If you don’t have a nearby Ikea, Amazon now has a limited selection of Ikea including this Ikea Side Table. You then need some brackets which you can find at your local hardware store. Amazon has Ikea brackets in stock if you wanna get them delivered. Then find a piece of shelving about 25″ so it gives your keyboard and mouse room. You should be able to find one at your local hardware store. Rubbermaid makes a white one that is about as small as you want to go. We have the price for this from free to $65 as some of you may already have everything you need at home while others will need to order everything online. The video below shows how one guy put this together. Oh, if you build this one be careful not to put your body weight on the keyboard stand. You’ll tip the whole thing over! Unfortunately, this is from first-hand experience.

Hardware Store DIY Standing Desk

Interested in making an entire desk from scratch? Jessie and Ellie have a fantastic short video that goes step by step. They hit Home Depot and picked up 2×12 planks (cut to fit in their car) and plumber pipe. Their version allows the height to be adjusted by switching out different sections of the pipe. Watch this 2 minute video and you’ll see it’s not that hard!

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