How to Clean A Recliner Or Computer Chair: Fabric & Leather Care

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Nowadays it’s typical to see a computer chair or recliner on wheels in the average house, not just in the office. Such furniture is comfortable and ergonomic and is characterized by high maneuverability.  However, sooner or later spots, stains, and goop appear on the upholstery, and the color of a chair can also fade and get covered with a layer of dust. To keep your chair in the best possible condition, it’s important to carry out preventative cleaning and follow the steps listed below. So without further ado, here’s how to clean a recliner or computer chair.

How to clean a computer chair with fabric upholstery

If you have a computer chair or recliner with fabric upholstery, you’ve probably questioned how to clean it right. Luckily, cleaning such furniture doesn’t require any complicated procedures or special products. If you don’t have household chemicals at hand or if you simply forgot to buy them,  Recliner Life suggests cleaning the chair with improvised means which we’ll describe below.

How to Clean A Recliner Or Computer Chair

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Improvised, homemade cleaning methods

According to the Recliner FAQ, before proceeding with cleaning, it is recommended to vacuum the fabric upholstery. This will help remove the top layer of dust and increase the efficiency of the cleaning itself. If you ignore this step, the dust will become a solid dirty stain when soaked. You will still be able to clean it off, but it will take considerably more time.

How to clean a computer chair if there are no special cleaning products at hand?

Laundry soap. Grate a small amount of soap and mix it well in warm water. 3 tablespoons of flakes for a bucket of 5-7 liters of water. After all the surface of the chair has been treated, rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry. You can also try the following method:

  1. Mix baking soda with water in equal proportions to make a thick slurry mixture. Cover the computer chair with the massa, leave it for 20-30 minutes, and gather it with a paper towel or vacuum cleaner. Depending on the degree of contamination of the chair the time can be extended.
  2. To clean the computer chair and revitalize its color, you will need salt. In 3 liters of water dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt and clean all the upholstery. Try not to soak the material through, just wet it a litter, then when the process is finished, soak it with a thick towel or paper.

Store-bought cleaning methods

Stores offer a wide range of products for all types of upholstery cleaning and furniture types According to Any of the following products will help you clean the dirt on a computer chair:

  • Shampoos for delicate fabrics
  • Sprays to remove stains
  • Gels for colored upholstery
  • Aerosols in the form of active foam
  • Stain removers for specific materials
  • Products to refresh the color of the upholstery and others

Elimination of various spots

Any cleaning of upholstered furniture should be carried out with the preliminary removal of individual stains. Otherwise, the upholstery will become cleaner, of course,  but the stain may remain and you will have to repeat it all over again. To remove stains, you can use special stain removers or use improvised ingredients:

  1. Stains from vegetables, fruits, berries, juice, wine. Dilute vinegar and ammonia in equal proportions. Wet a cotton pad in the composition and clean the stain on a computer chair. Then rinse it with clean water.
  2. It is recommended to remove blood with cold water immediately after its appearance. If you didn’t notice the spot on time, then only a product based on enzymes that break down the coagulated component of blood, protein, can cope with it.
  3. Freshly dropped fat should be immediately poured with salt or starch and left for 30-40 minutes. If the stain is huge, the active component must be replaced several times, so that the contamination is better absorbed. As soon as the salt (starch) has absorbed all the fat, the area is wiped with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol and then wiped with a soap solution. The final step is to rinse with clean water.
  4. Spilled coffee or tea is washed with a solution of laundry or mild liquid soap. If the upholstery of a computer chair is in light colors, it’s better to use soap without dyes.

When choosing your cleaning method, you should study the composition of the detergent carefully. It’s absolutely not recommended to use products comprised of chlorine, acids, gasoline, oil products, and bleaches.

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