Portable Standing Chairs: TOP 4 picks in 2023


Standing up for very long periods can cause discomfort and tiredness. They make you feel like a chair is the greatest invention ever. Well, not to doubt that, but you obviously cannot move around with the standard chair at all times and everywhere. But you can do so with your portable standing chair, right? Right! Active chairs are designed to incorporate the act of standing and motion into sitting. They offer users the benefits of standing and the comforts of sitting while excluding to a great extent the disadvantages of both. These standing chairs are the next best thing when you are waiting in line or out at a concert or festival, and you cannot bear to stand any longer. They are high chairs that support you while you are standing. With these chairs, you neither sit nor stand. It sounds like a paradox, I know.

Since standing chairs are needed when one is on the go, they are more often than not, designed to be portable. Portability means the chair is lightweight, easy to carry, and has a carrying case or an attached shoulder strap. There are several portable chairs on the market. Most models, such as camping chairs, are designed for users to sit on, but they can be rather inconvenient to carry around. If you just need a compact chair, not for several hours of use, then the standing seats are for you. As a guide to helping you get the best, we have reviewed the top four portable standing chairs. You can also check out the section on why you should get one (because you will need it one day) and factors to consider when purchasing any portable standing chair.

Top 4 Portable Standing Chairs

Focal Safco Products Mogo Seat

Focal Safco Products Mogo Seat - Portable Standing ChairFocal brand deals with various kinds of standing desks and chairs, among which is this unique active seat known as the Mojo. The Mogo is an aluminum and plastic stick with a rubber ball at the base constructed to stay put on any surface. The expectation of the user should not be to sit as comfortably as one would on a regular seat, because that is not the aim of the chair. Mogo aims to prevent the user from becoming sedentary by sitting down for a long time. It is more of a leaning chair designed to reduce the tension exerted on the spine while the legs still bear some of the body’s weight. Due to the intentional imbalance created when sitting on the Mogo, active sitting is encouraged.

The Mogo weighs 2.1 lbs and is collapsible, making it highly portable and an excellent travel companion. When not in use, unscrew the leg, fold the seat, and fit it inside its carrying case. It has a minimum and maximum height of 18 and 37 inches, respectively. It is capable of bearing the weight of a 300-pound individual, is easy to set up, and is recommended for short sitting durations.


  • Well-designed quality chair
  • Affordable
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-slip base
  • The saddle seat creates a comfortable sitting area


  • Wholly unsupportive for overweight individuals

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SitGo Portable Seat

SitGo Portable Seat - Portable Standing ChairThis product is a comfortable lean-to seat designed for more active individuals. Despite weighing a little above 1lbs, it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. The chair has a locking mechanism that enables one to sit at a maximum vertex of 25 inches or a minimum of 33 inches. As a result, it is useful for people of different heights. When folded, it can be easily held in the hand or carried in a backpack. To use, you only need to pull out the bottom until it extends to the required height. The anti-slip rubberized base prevents skidding when used on any floor, regardless of how smooth it is.


  • Portable when folded
  • It has a weight limit of 300lbs
  • Adjustable sitting heights
  • Inexpensive


  • The sitting surface is slim and not comfortable

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Sitpack 2.0 Compact Folding Chair

Sitpack 2.0 Compact Folding Chair - Portable Standing ChairWhen folded, the Sitpack 2.0 looks like a cylindrical tube almost the same size, but a little bit heavier than your favorite cup. It weighs about 1.23 lbs and comes with a carrying case that can be carried anywhere you want. The chair has an adjustable height mechanism that enables it to be locked in four different positions to be used by persons of varying heights. It can also support a maximum weight of 245 lbs. This compact chair is easy to use and requires the carrier just to unfold it to the desired height. The base includes an anti-slip rubber grip that keeps it stable on any floor when unfolded and in use.

Sitpack 2.0 is an upright seat made of a polycarbonate material reinforced with glass fiber. A neoprene cover acts as a cushion on the sitting surface and as the carrying strap. The chair is sturdy, durable, and very comfortable. When sat on, the telescopic leg of the chair forms a tripod stand with the legs of the body, removing pressure from the hips. The seat is favored by people who cannot stand a place for long hours or have sore ankles and back pains. It is excellent to use while waiting in line for tickets, during a concert, or at an event where seats are hard, if not impossible, to come by.


  • Lightweight
  • Has a carrying strap
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Slip-free rubberized base
  • Maximum weight capacity is 245lbs


  • The sitting surface is small

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Switch Sticks Foldable Cane with Seat

Switch Sticks Foldable Cane with Seat - Portable Standing ChairThis model is a walking stick with a foldable sitting surface. It is excellent for indoor/outdoor uses and is mostly preferred by people with knee or hip challenges. The user utilizes the walking stick as support while walking and has the comfort of knowing a seat is readily available when needed. The Switch Stick combo has a fixed seat height of 20 inches and can support a maximum load of 220 lbs. As a walking stick, it has a smooth handle easy to grip handle. The seat is stable enough and comfortable to be used for more extended periods. Plus, since it has up to three legs when balanced, the user can rest his/her whole body and receive some respite.


  • Easily folded for compactness
  • Has slip-free base
  • Comfortable surface
  • Affordable


  • Seat height is not adjustable
  • The stick length makes it more suitable for small individuals

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Considerations When Purchasing a Portable Standing Chair

Maximum Weight and Height Limit: Different standing chairs have different weight and height limits. If you have a chair that cannot bear your weight, it will collapse under you, and possibly cause some injuries. In terms of height, most of the active seats available have adjustable heights. If you are a very tall person, you need to pay special attention, so you do not get a model that will cause you to slouch when using. That kind of chair can easily lead you to form bad posture habits. The frame will help you identify models that can bear your weight comfortably without falling apart.

Design and Construction: You need to think about the design of each model before making a purchase. Although all portable standing chairs’ primary function is similar, there are a few design differences that make each brand stand out. The frames could feature steel or any other sturdy metal that is durable and will not rust easily. All plastic parts should also be of excellent quality to ensure that they can withstand several hours of continuous use.

Most models feature an anti-slip base, which is often covered in rubber to ensure that it does not skid on smooth floors to cause injuries from a fall. The type of foam used for padding the seat and its fabric cover should also be considered. A cover that does not get stained easily will be desirable as you will not have to worry about washing it after every use. It should also be tough and not rip easily under pressure, and also be usable indoors and outdoors.

Ease of Use: You would want a model that is easy to assemble without needing sophisticated tools. Setting it up should not take much time; the aim will be defeated if individuals who are less technically inclined begin to avoid it. A model that kids can easily set up should be considered since every member of your household will find it easy to use when the need arises.
Price: Most portable standing chairs are available at low prices compared to the value they offer. Although, if it has its carrying case or any extra features, it is more likely going to be at a higher price. The quality of the materials used for the frame and fabric covering the padded surface also determine its worth.

Compactness: The more compact the seat is, the better for the user and carrier. Ensure that your chair can fold into petite sizes that are easy to carry. Bulky chairs might wear you out when you have to move them over long distances. Plus, if they are bulky, they may seem awkward to carry around.

Comfort: Although they are standing chairs, they should also be comfortable for users regardless of how long they intend to use it. The sitting surface should be padded such that the pressure from resting on it for long hours is minimal. A well-designed base will ensure that the user’s weight is evenly distributed while he/she sits and maintains balance.

Additional Features: These chairs may not have other features besides their use as a seat. You can find models that feature storage compartments or straps for carrying them conveniently on the shoulder over long distances. The model from Switch Sticks reviewed here can also double as a foldable medical cane for people who just came out of surgery. Although these additional features are not crucial, they can come in handy occasionally.

Benefits of Portable Standing Chairs

Relieves back and knee pains: Standing can be quite tasking for those with joint problems or back pains. Sitting down to get up at intervals might also be tasking and painful. However, using a standing chair will help you relax your body and still be able to get up fast. Again, the seat’s standing design permits natural blood circulation through your legs and reduces any pains in that region.

Easy carriage: A portable standing chair is designed to be as lightweight as possible when carried. It is usable practically anywhere you would need to sit for some time. As such, it outdoes other comfortable but heavy chair options in this regard. This portable standing seat can be used at meetings, a ticket line while waiting at the bus stop, and when out camping, or hiking, among other activities, making it a number one choice for people with knee or ankle pains that prevent them from standing for long.

Better posture: Since a standing seat has no backrest, using it encourages better posture by preventing users from slouching. No unnecessary stress is exerted on the spine, and therefore an improvement in the alignment is noticed.

Encourages active sitting: Being sedentary for an extended period is directly linked to depression and anxiety. As earlier said, when an individual sits at a place without periodically moving around, he develops pains in the neck and back. Standing chairs encourage smooth leg and body movement, and so are much preferred. Users feel more energetic than when sitting. Also, because you are likely utilizing more muscles while on a standing chair than when sitting on a regular seat, you are burning calories and keeping yourself healthy.

Final Thoughts

Since sitting down has its demerits health-wise, standing has gained more popularity over the years as a better way of being more coordinated and focused. However, standing for a while can get tiring and stressful. This concern led to the design of a portable standing chair, like a middleman or an alternative for the two body positions. With it, you can sit and stand halfway. At least you are reassured of resting when you get tired of standing. It is an excellent choice for people who travel often, and its portability just increases its attractiveness and value.

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