Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring

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4.3/5 on 30 May 2021

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After getting rid of Tiring mice’s hassle, a lot of time, people starts looking for a useful Trackball. But most of the time, they end up choosing the wrong thing. Do you also want some support for you to assist you in tracking and scrolling different websites? If all the questions answer as ‘yes,’ then we have got your covered. Here we have come up with the review of a scroll ring to get these issues figured out within no time. This product is beneficial for you if you are willing to increase the speed of your work.

No matter wherever the home professionals are, the Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring is their first choice for an ergonomic scroll ring. This ergonomic scroll ring is immensely popular among people for its utmost comfort and productivity.

Pros of Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring:

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring has gained a considerable amount of popularity among people because of its pros. We have listed a few of them as follows.

Medium ball and scroll Ring:

This patented scroll ring enables you to spin through long documents and web pages without even clicking. It is one of the latest parts of trackball.

You can now spin the dial to scroll the web pages up and down with the utmost ease. Blue 40 mm ball is mainly designed with a hard and spherical surface. It allows you precise control and tracking. It is better to choose a trackball mouse with a scroll ring to increase your work rate.

Easy Movement:

This trackball mouse offers you better ergonomics. It requires less hand and wrist movements, thus preventing repetitive stress injuries of hands and wrist. It is easy to move this, and due to it, it is liked by the users. You should choose this kind of trackball to make it user-friendly and helpful in increasing the performance rate.

Detachable Wrist Rest:

Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring has an additional feature of having a detachable wrist rest. Its detachable wrist rest makes it comfortable for you.

Optical tracking Technology:

This ergonomic scroll ball has internal red optics. These provide precise movement of the cursor for Superior accuracy. Mostly it is done so that it is easy for you to reach the screen wherever you want Without moving your hands and wrist much. This feature helps increase efficiency as well as productivity.

For continuous performance, it provides a direct and reliable connection. It even eliminates the need for batteries.

If you want to learn the differences between optical and laser mice, we suggest you to check Digital Trend’s mouse related article.

Soft Cushions:

For pain-free productivity while extended periods of activity on the computer, soft cushioning cradles the hand and wrist in ergonomic support and comfort. It, thus, provides you with pain-free productivity. Its soft cushions make it possible to work for long.

Excellent Compatibility:

A tracking ball is definitely of no use if it is not compatible with a wide range of different Windows. Thus, this product has compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and chrome (version 44 and later). Plug & play installation gets to you clicking and scrolling through the reliable wired USB connection.

No batteries needed:

Another feature of this product is that batteries aren’t needed in its usage.


Few customers have complained about this stock to be a bit hard to move.

Final verdict:

Trackballs are an excellent alternative to a typical computer mouse or trackpad. These devices are ergonomically designed, with sculpted shapes to match the palm of your hand. It often comes up with wrist support built-in too. They provide you with more flexibility. We can also use these trackballs in smaller spaces, thanks to the fact that you don’t need to move them to control the cursor.

So with all the features and requirements in our mind, we can easily decide that Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring is best suitable to assist you in scrolling long pages on websites. If we compare both its pros and cons, the pros outweigh the drawbacks. Thus, this trackball is considered a favorite for almost all the professionals.

Offering you better ergonomics, it requires fewer movements of your hands and wrist. For superior accuracy, this ergonomic trackball offers you precise cursor movement. If you search for another brand that offers this feature, check out Penclic Scroll Mouse.