FitDesk v3.0 Desk Bike with Extension Kit

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3.5/5 on 13 September 2018

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My kids seemed to like the desk more than I did. If you have the determination to pedal while you work, this is an awesome way to sneak in exercise! You can pedal pretty slowly with this bike adjusting the tension down to a minimal level. Or you can kick it up a few notches for a burst of exercise. I didn't end up keeping it but I blame myself and an overly optimistic spirit that assumed I could do this while working. I could easily get email and light stuff done while riding. I couldn't get much software engineering done. Your mileage, pun intended, will definitely differ!

I first tried a FitDesk three years ago. Back then I ordered directly from the manufacturer and boy was shipping expensive! You can now find FitDesks on Amazon where shipping can be a whole lot cheaper. I used my FitDesk solid for about a month, then less and less for another six months until I eventually sold it for $100 on Craigslist. That by the way didn’t take long. I posted the ad and two days later someone came to pick it up.

I had a couple of issues with the Desk, both minor. One, the pedals were a bit hard to get screwed on. If you are impatient and get a set like mine, you may strip the screws by not being careful. And two, it came a  rubber hose used for resistance which ended up cracking and getting brittle. I had it near my window so the UV rays just tore it up. I can see this part not lasting long for folks though you can easily buy this stuff at hardware stores.

In terms of work, reading and doing emails is what this thing is made for! Writers may love this as well. But for software engineers and coders, at least for me, the pedaling became a bit distracting. For graphic artists that need precise mouse movements, this could be a bit tricky too. If you can overcome that, the work out is legit.

I usually rode in the morning then switched to my regular desk for the rest of the day, jumping back on from time to time to catch up on news or emails. Not sure I could sit on this seat for 8 hours straight. I also make sure to check my body fat at least once a month using a Body Fat Analyzer

This combined with a standing desk would make the ultimate healthy desk combo.