Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Pros, Cons & More

sihoo ergonomic office chair

It’s not enough for an office chair to be appropriate for the workplace – you also need one that puts ergonomics and comfort first. I would say this was the main inspiration behind the design of the Sihoo ergonomic office chair.

But, don’t let the minimalist design and relatively low price tag trick you into thinking it’s a basic model. The chair is actually a lot more complex than it may seem at first sight.

To help you make the right decision on whether or not to buy one for yourself, I’ll break down both the upsides and downsides before sharing my final verdict.

I know you’re probably wondering what Sihoo is, so let’s start by learning more about the brand.

About Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chairs

Sihoo, a Chinese-based brand, is no stranger to the world of ergonomics. In fact, they’ve been around for over a decade, in which their primary focus has been designing ergonomic chairs.

Right now, they have a wide selection of ergonomic chairs for office use, gaming, and kids. So whether you need furniture for work, studying, or entertainment, they’ve got you covered.

Back to the Sihoo ergonomic office chair review. It’s important to mention that this category comprises boss, visitor, conference, and office chairs. There’s plenty to choose from. However, our review will focus on the most popular office chair from Sihoo: the M18 model.

Pros Of The Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

1. Adaptive Lumbar Support

There’s a lot going on around the waist area, signifying Sihoo’s intention to optimize lumbar support.

To begin with, there’s a waist pillow made with polypropylene (PP) and covered with a dense sponge. You’ll notice a knob behind the back that lets you customize the lumbar support. In addition to improving your posture, this mechanism helps you distribute pressure and avoid back pain.

What’s more, the backrest features an S-shaped frame designed to fully support your back, from the cervical and shoulder vertebrae all the way down to the lumbar region.

2. Neck Support

Right above the backrest, you have a headrest made with polypropylene (PP) and curved to hold your neck and head while reducing pressure on your shoulder muscles. You can rotate it to 45 degrees or lift it to a position of your liking while sitting or in a reclined position.

3. Superior Comfort 

Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

The tightly woven seat on this chair takes a w-shaped design, with the goal of relieving pressure on your bottom so that you don’t feel tired when you sit for long hours.

Even though the cushions on this chair aren’t the softest on the market, the slight firmness doesn’t compromise comfort. I understand that many people may not find this to be comfortable enough, though – so, if you’re looking for a more plush model, check out executive models such as the Amazon  Basics High-Back Executive Chair or Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair.

Meanwhile, a waterfall design around the edge also adds to the comfort, especially for your legs, ensuring you don’t feel pressure or pain when you work or study for extended periods of time.

4. Recline Function

In addition to the upright position, you can tilt this chair all the way back to a 120-degree angle. Simply pull the lever on the side to activate the mechanism. This is the position you’ll want to switch to when it’s time to unwind, watch something, or enjoy a book.

That aside, staying in one position for an extended period might cause stiffness and pain. Fortunately, a reclining chair allows you to change positions so that the pressure, ache, and tension in your legs and lower back are lessened.

5. Adjustable Height

The lever I mentioned earlier can also raise or lower the seat height. You don’t want a situation where the seat is too high, forcing you to sit toward the edge so that your feet can touch the ground. Such a position strains your back, potentially leaving you with serious complications.

At the same time, the chair shouldn’t be too low to the point where your knees are higher than the pelvis. This will only cause improper hip and pelvis alignment, which in turn leads to hip pain, back pain, and spinal problems.

This chair thankfully solves that through the gas lift, which lets you adjust it to a desirable height. Keep in mind, however, that the chair only suits those with a height of between  5’5 and 6’2.

6. Versatility

There’s no limit to how you can use this chair. Actually, it’s appropriate for everyone—students, office employees, gamers, and people who work from home.

7. Mesh Fabric

It doesn’t matter how long you sit on this chair –your back and bottom will stay cool and comfortable, thanks to the breathable mesh fabric. This feature is especially ideal for those who live in warmer areas. You won’t face those sticky situations where you fight to peel your back from the chair after a long sitting session.

Even better, this material is waterproof, durable, and resistant to UV rays and decay. Such a material would also be perfect if the work or study environment requires regular sterilization or disinfection.

8. Simple Assembly Process 

To make assembly easier, Sihoo included a manual in which every step has clear illustrations that are easy to understand. Even better, there are visuals showing where and how to install the parts, including the screws and washers.

However, you will probably need a helping hand to join parts such as the armrests and seat. In case you get stuck, check out the how-to videos by Sihoo for guidance. You can also speak to their representatives for further direction.

9. Adjustable Armrests 

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

The armrests are just as important as the seat, headrest, and backrest. Having them present isn’t enough; they should be adjustable as well, to allow you to achieve a proper sitting posture.

Imagine being in a position where your arm doesn’t have adequate support because the armrests are either too high or too low. Sometimes you’ll want to slide beneath the table for better access to the workspace, but if the armrests are too high and fixed, you’ll end up sitting incorrectly while working.

Luckily, this Sihoo chair has armrests that can be moved up and down. Plus, they’re wrapped in PU leather to provide comfort while you work. You can also choose to leave them out during assembly if you believe they won’t be useful.

Other equally great benefits this chair offers include:

  • Aluminum alloy legs that create impeccable stability and higher weight capacity (330 pounds)
  • The reclining mechanism that uses thickened mechanical steel for extra durability
  • The chair swivels, allowing you to turn and socialize or complete other tasks without straining your neck or standing up
  • A lever that’s easy to operate and has a locking feature for all the reclining angles and height range
  • PU-wrapped castors that move with ease and are silent, letting you work without distractions
  • All the frames within the headrest, backrest, seat, and lumbar that are made with polypropylene (PP), which is firm and durable

Cons Of The Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Lack Of Variety 

This could be a deal breaker if you’re a stickler for matching furniture. This chair is only available in three color options, and there are no Sihoo desks or cabinets that complement it. But if you don’t mind this aspect, then the chair alone will be a great buy.

Limited Armrest Movement 

The armrests on this chair only move up and down. It would have been better if you were able to rotate them or adjust them back and forward. Such flexibility gives you more freedom when it comes to sitting postures.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Final Verdict 

Sihoo may be a young brand in the furniture industry, but its ergonomic chairs have already gained the trust of consumers around the world. Right now, this M18 ergonomic office chair is among the top sellers on Amazon, even though it was released less than five years ago.

Office workers in need of a durable chair that’s not only great at promoting correct sitting posture but also affordable would find this model ideal. Almost every part of it is adjustable. Add to that its well-thought-out lumbar system and you have a comfortable chair for work, study, or entertainment.

Its simplicity also makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a minimalist but functional design. Improve your productivity and comfort as you work by getting yourself the Sihoo M18.

Also, the Sihoo M90 model is available if you want an even more sophisticated chair that includes a footrest and multifunctional armrests.

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