Top Picks For The Best Laptop Stand For Desks (Buyer Guide)

laptop stands for desks

When you sit down and stare at a computer for hours on end, your neck, shoulder, back, and eyes will be strained – unless, of course, you use ergonomically-minded accessories such as laptop stands for desks. A high-quality laptop stand can even help prevent health issues associated with poor posture, such as spinal dysfunction, severe back pain, headaches, and joint degeneration, just to name a few.

However, even though a laptop stand’s primary goal is to help you maintain better posture, there’s so much more that these units can do, including acting as a standing desk, breakfast tray, DJ stand, cookbook stand, and much more.

Take this chance to explore what I believe to be the best laptop stands on the market right now. I compiled this list after closely examining various important factors such as height range, diversity, portability, and compatibility with regard to laptop sizes.

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Comparison Table

  • Adjustable height and tilt angle

  • Foldable

  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -17 inches

  • Heat dissipation cutouts

  • Adjustable height

  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -15.6 inches

  • Open design for cooling

  • Adjustable height and tilt angle

  • Foldable

  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -17 inches

  • Adjustable height and tilt angle

  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -17 inches

  • USB-powered built-in cooling fans

  • Adjustable height

  • Foldable

  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -15.6 inches

Best Laptop Stands For Desks – Reviews

1. LIFELONG Upryze Ergonomic Laptop Stand

LIFELONG Upryze Ergonomic Laptop Stand


Not many laptop stands can rival the versatility of this LIFELONG Upryze unit. It’s more than an adjustable laptop stand for a desk. It can as well serve as a podium stand or standing desk. If you choose to use this stand creatively, there’s so much more you could do with it, including using it as a DJ or cookbook stand.

Key Features

  • Height adjustability: 1 inch – 20 inches
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Foldable
  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches – 17 inches
  • Laptop tray dimensions: 11 inches (L) X 9.5 inches (W)
  • Heat dissipation cutouts
  • Weight capacity: 22 pounds

Whether you want to watch, create a presentation, type, read, or attend a Zoom meeting, Upryze is flexible enough to meet all of your needs. You can have it in a lay-flat position or raise it up to 20 inches above the surface depending on the task at hand.

Even better, you can tilt the tray to an angle that doesn’t hurt your neck and eyes. A massive cutout near the edge of the tray enables heat dissipation from laptops that have cooling vents on their bottom side.

When it’s time to go home or to a different location, fold the unit until it’s compact enough to fit in your bag.


  • A huge height range makes it suitable for a variety of tasks
  • The tilt angle can be adjusted for better and more comfortable viewing of the screen
  • Foldable and easy to be carried around
  • A cutout on the tray for ventilation
  • Accommodates both bigger (up to 17 inches) and heavier laptops (up to 22 pounds)


  • It’s not fully stable at its highest position, but this won’t be a problem if you have an external ergonomic mouse or keyboard attached

LIFELONG’s Upryze is the ultimate stand for those who need a stand they can travel with or use for other purposes besides office work. I would also recommend it for those who work from home.

2. BESIGN Aluminum Laptop Stand

BESIGN Aluminum Laptop Stand


BESIGN’s LSX3S may look simple, but when you put it to work, it becomes a masterpiece. Although it isn’t the most portable option, this laptop stand will greatly improve your performance and save you from the pain and stress caused by poor working posture.

Key Features

  • Height adjustability: 4.92 inches – 7.65 inches
  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -15.6 inches
  • Laptop tray dimensions: 11.4 inches (L) X 9.6 inches (W)
  • Weight capacity: 8.8 pounds
  • Open design for cooling

You have probably already noticed the laptop tray’s U-shaped design, which not only allows for sufficient ventilation and airflow but also makes it easier for you to attach peripherals.

Once you set it up, turn the manual screw on the centerpiece to achieve a height that’s most comfortable for you.

Unfortunately, the unit can occasionally wobble slightly if too much pressure is put on it while you’re typing, so the best way to make the most of it would be to get an external keyboard and mouse. After all, it will be permanently stationed at your workstation.


  • Built with a premium aluminum alloy that gives it a high-quality feel
  • Comes with rubber strips on the stray to keep your laptop in place
  • The height can be adjusted to your liking
  • Uses a manual screw for stress-free height adjustment
  • Available in three colors to suit your interior decor preferences
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t tilt, which is understandable given its low price
  • Needs to be assembled but it’s an easy task that only needs a manual wrench

BESIGN’s LSX3S is the one thing you should never miss in your permanent workstation. When set up correctly, it will double your productivity and improve your posture while at the same time elevating the look and feel of your workspace.

3. Avantree Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Table

Avantree Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Bed Table


The thought of working from the bed is alluring, but if you do it without a good laptop bed table, the experience will bring you more pain than joy. Neetto from Avantree was made to not only fill this gap but also enable you to work and eat comfortably even when you have no table.

Key Features

  • Height adjustability: 8.3 inches – 9.8 inches
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -17 inches
  • Foldable
  • Laptop tray dimensions: 20.5 inches (L) X 11.8 inches (W)
  • Weight capacity: 88 lbs.

Even though the height range on this stand isn’t huge, the three levels are enough when you work from the bed, couch or floor. You can as well pair it with your ergonomic desk if you need to work while standing.

Two auto-lock buttons on the side keep it stable as you switch between different heights while the lock button between the centerpieces and the laptop tray makes it easy for you to find the best angle for viewing.

Despite being bigger than most of the stands on the list, Neetto’s legs can be folded to make the entire unit more compact and easy to carry around.


  • Adjustable height and tilt angle for correct posture while working
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with or store
  • Can be used for different purposes, including as a snack tray, table for breakfast in bed, or standing desk
  • It can hold more items alongside your laptop, thanks to its higher weight capacity


  • No ventilation/cutouts, so only use it if your laptop has cooling fans on the sides and not at the bottom

The ideal place to operate your laptop is from an ergonomic desk (complete with an ergonomic chair), but if you often find yourself working from the bed, couch, recliner, floor and other unusual places, get this stand to help you achieve the right posture while at it.

4. PWR+ Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser

PWR+ Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser


If not the unique design, the PWR+ will win you over with its versatility and features. A built-in fan makes it one of its kind. And no matter where you want to work from, this is the stand you can trust not to disappoint you.

Key Features

  • Height adjustability: 2 inches – 19 inches
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -17 inches
  • Laptop tray dimensions: 16.5 inches (L) X 10.5 inches (W)
  • Weight capacity: 25 lbs.
  • Mouse tray
  • USB-powered built-in cooling fans

With legs that can make 360-degree turns, there’s no limit to how you can set up this stand. It’s probably the only stand that can hold your devices in more than ten configurations. You can use it from your desk, bed, couch, garden, and other unusual places. 

The height can be adjusted as well, from as low as 2 inches to as high as 19 inches. So, whether you want to use it as a laptop stand or standing desk, the unit is up to the task. What’s more, it can still serve as a breakfast tray, book tray, writing desk or cookbook stand.


  • Versatile option that can be used for other purposes beyond holding your laptop
  • Unique ergonomic design that improves posture, no matter the position you are working from
  • A mouse tray to help you operate your laptop more comfortably
  • In-built fans for better airflow beneath the laptop
  • Collapsible legs make it a great option for both home and office use as well as traveling
  • You can tilt the laptop tray for a more comfortable viewing angle


  • A little unstable at its highest position due to a weak base, but this can easily be solved by connecting an external keyboard and mouse

The PWR+ laptop stand is an ideal choice for the user who wants to explore different working positions. It’s an adjustable laptop stand for desks that’s as versatile as they come, complete with features that will redefine your working experience.

5. MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand


The MOFT may not look like the usual laptop stand at first sight, but you can count on it to work its magic when you put it to work. In fact, it’s just as good as its rivals when it comes to improving your work posture and performance while also being sleek and minimalistic.

Key Features

  • Height adjustability: 2 inches – 3 inches
  • Compatible laptop sizes: 10 inches -15.6 inches
  • Laptop tray dimensions: 8.8 inches (L) X 6.7 inches (W)
  • Weight capacity: 18 lbs
  • Foldable

The MOFT laptop stand is built using PU and fiberglass, both of which are strong materials that make it tough enough to withstand the weight of your device. At the same time, the material is only 3 mm thick, making it ultra-thin and very lightweight. As the name says, the stand is barely visible.

To use this laptop stand, you first have to stick the sheet onto the bottom side of your laptop. Unfold it and adjust the height to a position you are most comfortable with. When you are done working, simply collapse the folds and the sheet will rest flat on the base, becoming almost invisible.


  • Super thin and portable, making it the best travel-friendly option
  • Minimalist design that saves on space
  • Easy to achieve a healthier viewing angle as it adjusts between 15° and 25°
  • Very affordable


  • It’s only useful to laptops without bottoms

When you are on a budget or in need of a laptop stand that will maximize your desk space, look no further than the MOFT invisible laptop stand. It’s sturdy, portable, and enjoyable to use, as long you don’t mind its extreme simplicity.

Desk Laptop Stand Buying Guide And Tips

A useful rule of thumb to remember as you shop for a desk laptop stand is that there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Each is made to meet specific needs, preferences, and purposes.

So, no matter how great a unit is, don’t place the order until you have established that it’s best suited for your laptop, work environment, and lifestyle. Here are some factors to consider and tips you should use to figure out the right fit.

Height Adjustability

Workplace ergonomics is no longer a consideration but a necessity. Since laptop stands are a core part of this concept, you should make sure you have obtained a model that helps you achieve the right posture for working.

Height adjustability means you can set up the stand at an angle where the laptop screen is at eye level. Your elbows should be angled at 90 degrees with your body in a slightly relaxed, neutral position.

Also, make sure there’s enough space left to put your ergonomic mechanical keyboard and mouse. After all, every bit of your working space should help you work efficiently and in a safe manner.


This has to do with things such as size, style, design, and weight capacity. Take your time to analyze the stand. Check if it’s strong enough to handle the weight of your laptop and large enough to also accommodate it.

Don’t forget to confirm if there’s a mechanism that prevents your laptop from sliding or wobbling as you work. It also may be important to you for its color and design to complement the interior decor of your working space.

Cooling Fan Positioning

Most laptops are built with fans that help to cool down parts that would otherwise overheat. Some models have the cooling vents at the bottom, while for others, the vents are placed on the sides. Their role is to expel warm air and allow the laptop to operate at a safer temperature.

The right stand for your laptop should have cutouts that align with the cooling vents to facilitate consistent airflow. Without such outlets, your laptop will overheat, rendering the stand useless.


Perhaps you are among those who work both remotely and at the office. In that case, you would need a laptop stand that can be safely and conveniently transported. The same goes for students or anyone who uses their laptop from different locations.

A proper stand for such a scenario should be lightweight, foldable/collapsable, and easy to fit in a laptop bag or backpack.

However, if you regularly operate from home, an office, a co-working space, or a specific location, then you could also get a stand that’s meant to be stationed at your workstation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vertical stands good for laptops?

First things first, most modern laptops can function optimally in any orientation as long as the stand holding them is stable and the cooling fan is not blocked. This means that vertical stands are safe for your laptop and actually recommended if you are looking to save space, organize your workspace, or transform the appearance of your workstation.

How high should I elevate my laptop?

Since everyone’s height and posture are slightly different, there’s no one-size-fits-all level you should elevate your laptop to. Even our desks and chairs aren’t of the same height.

The best way to go about this would be to raise your laptop to a position where the screen is at the same level as the eyes. Make sure your neck and posture are also at their most neutral positions.

Only such a posture guarantees peak performance and zero pain or discomfort while you work.

Do laptop stands damage laptops?

A laptop stand won’t damage your laptop, as long as it is well-built, complete with a mechanism that prevents devices from slipping or suffering scratches on the bottom side.

Instead, it will protect your laptop from falls and other forms of damage caused by other items in your workspace such as loose cables and stationery.

The Final Word About The Best Laptop Stand For Desks

Your workspace should be a place where you feel comfortable, focused, and productive. This is actually what inspired the application of ergonomics in workplaces.

Laptop stands are a significant part of this revolution as they help the user achieve the right posture for working. Benefits range from increased comfort and improved productivity to peace of mind.

Ultimately, the LIFELONG Upryze Ergonomic Laptop Stand leads the rest as the best laptop stand both for home and office use. Most users like it because of its incredible versatility. It also accommodates both larger and heavier laptops and can be stored or transported with ease.

Generally, each desk laptop stand on this list has unique attributes that make them suitable for specific purposes. Be sure to thoroughly analyze their features and only settle on a unit you believe is most suitable for your workspace.

All the best in your search!

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