Kensington Slim Blade Trackball Mouse

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4.2/5 on 27 December 2020

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579 reviews

If you are looking for a sleek ergonomic mouse, you must consider this slim blade trackball from Kensington. This one is a small mouse that you can control using your hand with a lot of ease and comfort.

The best part about this mouse is that it comes with a trackball. Thus, you can use the mouse by placing it in a single mouse. Now there is no need to move the mouse here and there. The simple trackball will work ideally and will allow you to move the cursor.


  • Tracks the mouse precisely with its two lasers
  • Comes with a lot of custom mouse buttons
  • Sleek and stylish design for easy use
  • Effortless use, just plugs, and play.

Pros of Kensington Slim Blade Trackball Mouse

There are some basic pros that this trackball offers you. Let us discuss them in detail.

Easy to Track

Tracking the mouse is very easy. You don’t need very complex setups for this mouse. The mouse will work the best using these two lasers. The mouse is a wired one that gives you a fast response rate. The layers make sure that your mouse works precisely. Your mouse cursor will move as much as you move it.

Sleek Design

Color and specs become useless if the design doesn’t support the structure. The best mouse will be one that comes with a sleek design. The design will help a lot of features and will make using the mouse a lot easier.

This slim blade trackball comes with a sleek design. It is tiny and is very easy to grip. You can easily use the trackball using your fingers. Thus, your fingers, hand, and arms won’t hurt even if you use the mouse for long hours.

Custom Buttons

There are many custom buttons in this ergonomic mouse. Custom buttons allow you to do a lot of setting as per your need. The best mouse will give you a lot of features built-in. So, you don’t have to open settings for each option. This trackball from Kensington allows you to perform a lot of features using these options.

Plug and Play

Another good thing about thing trackball is that it is merely a plug and play. Since it is not a wireless mouse, there is no need to install any software. You need to plug the mouse into your system. The mouse will connect on auto to your network every time you plug it into the system. It also allows you to use the mouse on as many systems as you wish because there is no limit.


There are two main modes available in this mouse. One of them is navigation mode, while the other one is media mode. The main benefit it gives you is that all the options will be related once you select any mode.

The navigation mode allows your mouse keys to scroll, click on the screen, and other settings. However, the media mode is different from the previous model.

This mode allows you to change the volume of the track you played, play, or pause the path that is currently in progress, stop the music player and close the app, or even forward or backward the music or different tracks in the same album. Thus, the same options will give you a lot of freedom in using your mouse.

Cons of Kensington Slim Blade Trackball Mouse

This mouse is one of the best when it comes to design, style, and convince. However, there are some issues too that we will discuss here.

Difficult to scroll

You can scroll on the screen using its ball. The scroll ring is there just for decoration and has no practical application. You had to roll the ball for scrolling. When the ball is rolling, it causes some issues making it difficult to scroll on the screen.

Less Precise

The mouse is also not the best when it comes to making precise movements. You always have to wait some time and adjust your cursor. Thus, when you are using this mouse, you must take proper care before using it.


Kensington trackball is one of the best mice when it comes to scrolling and using the mouse. It is simple, stylish, and comes with a lot of custom options. However, scrolling is not easy. There are many minor issues in precision that need care. If you use the mouse with care, then it will be the best one for your need.