Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

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4.3/5 on 3 November 2020

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If you are looking for a trackball, then you are in the right place. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse is one of the best ergonomic mouse and will do a lot of stuff for you. The best part about this mouse is the design of this mouse that gives you only two buttons.

Some people won’t like a mouse that gives just two buttons. However, if you are a person who likes simple designs and mouse for simple uses, then this will be the best mouse for you. Let us explore what other features this mouse offers to you.


  • The classic design uses it with your finger.
  • Susceptible mouse, best for all purposes
  • Comfortable to use even after long hours
  • Buttons are in the right places, as we know in the traditional mouse.
  • Scroll ring will make it easier for you to scroll

Pros of Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

There are many benefits of using this classic trackball in your system. Let us discuss some.

Classic Design

One of the best things about this trackball is that it has a classic design. We always used a mouse in our early PC days with a ball in between and two buttons on the side. We love using this design and are fond of it.

This ergonomic mouse also comes with the same design. The design of this mouse allows you to access the trackball easily. If you are switching from the mouse for the first time, this trackball will be the best one.

Sensitive Clicks

The trackball is very sensitive in clicks and will click as soon as you do one. Some trackballs are not very good in this. They will fail to do so, and you had to repeat sometimes before the mouse clicks. Some trackballs are good in single clicks but fail to do double. This trackball from Kensington comes without any issues. You can easily click as many times as you need with no worries.

Use for a Long Time

The best mouse is one that is good to use for a long time. A comfortable mouse will be the one that allows you to use the mouse with no strain in wrists or arms. This one fails to provide good wrist support. However, your arms are always in a good position. Thus, you can use the mouse with minimal care and support for long hours during your job.

Simple Buttons

Many people argue that two buttons are not enough on a mouse. They need a mouse that comes with as many buttons as possible. The design is replicated in some latest keyboards in which you see a lot of shortcut keys on the top.

However, this is not the job of a mouse. A mouse looks well with the least buttons. So, you can handle and manage the mouse in a better way. This ergonomic mouse comes with only two simple buttons. Thus, you can easily use the mouse. You will never get confused about the purpose of each key, as two buttons are easy to remember.

Scroll Ring for Easy Scrolling

If you think that the above features were not enough, here, Kensington comes with another classic feature for your trackball. This mouse comes with a scroll ring. The scroll ring is very efficient and will allow you to scroll with ease. New users take some time to adjust to the ring. However, as soon as you adjust to the scroll ring, you will use it in the best way.

Cons of Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

There are also some small issues in this trackball which should be considered before purchase.

Wrist Rest not the Best

We know that Kensington trackball comes with a wrist rest. However, for most users, this wrist rest is not the best. Thus, you will often see users who complain that their wrist pains when they are using the mouse for a long time. The best solution will be to use the mouse with care and prevent wrist pain.

Gets Dirty Easily

The design of this mouse is simple, but there is space around the trackball. Dirt gets trapped easily in this space and will cause a lot of issues. You must clean the mouse from time to time to keep it in the best position.

Last Words

This ergonomic mouse by Kensington is one of the best because of its simple design. It resembles an old mouse because of its shape and is the perfect starter for anyone who wants to shift from mouse to a trackball. You will love this mouse. If you want to check other trackball mouse, have a look at Logitech option.