WorkEZ Standing Desk: Yes Or No For This Desk Converter?

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3.3/5 on 4 November 2021

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Being able to convert your regular desk into a standing one without having to pay a fortune sounds a great deal! For everyone that needs a highly customizable, adjustable conversion kit that’s lightweight and easy to carry, I have the best recommendation. The WorkEZ Standing Desk Conversion Kit is an affordable, high-quality product that I tested for a while.

I took it to coffee shops and to my office; I packed it in suitcases and took it to other countries. This is one of the best ergonomic products for travelers, and I finally put together an entire review.

Keep reading to find out more about the pros and cons of this excellent desk converter.

Pros Of The WorkEZ Standing Desk

Pros Of The WorkEZ Standing Desk



Conversion kits are an excellent alternative to a standing desk, but what if you want to move them around the house or take them to the office? Is that an option, or will it be a nuisance?

Some converters are made with a heavy-duty, sturdy construction that makes them weigh a lot; those aren’t the best option for people who want to pick them up and move them around. This one from Uncaged Ergonomics, however, features a solid, high-quality structure and yet is one of the most lightweight converters I’ve stumbled upon.

While testing it I moved it from my home office to other rooms in the house, and it was as simple as it gets. The material used for this product is light aluminum, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it with you when you need a change of scenery.

I can’t help but highly recommend this desk converter for people who love traveling and taking their work with them, individuals who enjoy working in restaurants or coffee shops, and people who are always on the go.

In addition, the structure is slim, fashionable, and will pair well with any type of desk. Finally, you can flatten each tray of the converter, meaning that you can easily pack the product in your suitcase or bring it with you in a backpack.

Three Part Construction

The WorkEZ Standing Desk Conversion Ergonomic Kit is made of three separate trays, all equally useful and highly adjustable. One articulating tray is for your laptop or monitor, one is for the keyboard, and one is even included for the mouse.

If this is your first time buying a desk converter, you might be wondering why the separate trays are listed as a pro. From my experience, most other converters say they come with trays for all the parts of your laptop/computer, but when you take a closer look you notice that it’s actually one tray that you can only adjust as a single platform.

Thanks to the construction of the WorkEZ station, you get three platforms you can adjust individually to your needs to create the most comfortable working environment.

Highly Adjustable

Adjustability is one of my top priorities when I look for desk converters. As I mentioned before, many companies advertise their desk risers as highly adjustable, but they’re made of a single tray that needs to fit the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

When adjusting a single tray, it’s exceptionally hard to get the proper distance from the monitor and keyboard to fit your needs. Thankfully, the three separate trays of this product are all adjustable into numerous positions.

You can easily find the perfect distance between the monitor and the keypad and even change the inclination of each platform. Additionally, there are three pairs of joints for each tray, meaning that you can rotate them one by one to achieve the preferred position.

The mouse attachment is removable, so it’s up to you whether you’ll take it with you everywhere or mount it only when you need it. Another huge pro is that you can mount it on the left or right side, making it an excellent choice for both left- and right-handed people.

One of the best things about the keyboard tray is that it has a negative tilt feature. In other words, whenever your wrists need a rest, you can shift to a negative tilt and type while your hands are in a position that resembles the natural one. Using the negative angle means that you’ll reduce the stress to your wrists, preventing serious health issues that can develop over time.

Investing in this riser can save you from having to purchase an expensive ergonomic keyboard, or you can use them together to further improve your work station!

No Slipping

The monitor and keyboard platforms are equipped with lips that help to prevent your laptop, monitor, or keypad from falling off the trays. This safety measure will keep all your technology safe, no matter where and when you decide to work.

Affordable Price

One of the first things that made me consider testing and reviewing this product was the affordable price. You simply can’t stay away from such a sweet deal that saves you from investing hundreds of dollars in a standing desk.

Great Return Policy

If you’re looking to buy a converter for your desk, then chances are you need a solid product that you’ll use for a long time without even considering returning it; however, there’s always the possibility that you won’t like it or that it won’t fit your equipment, even if it has thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.

One of the biggest pros of this converter kit is the excellent return policy. Uncaged Ergonomics gives you a 30-day window for returns without asking any questions, so if you find their converter not to be the best choice for you, you can send it back without a hassle.

Cons Of The WorkEZ Standing Desk

Cons Of The WorkEZ Standing Desk


A Little Tricky To Adjust

The WorkEZ Desk Converter is highly adjustable, but you’ll need a little time to learn how the adjusting works. You need to adjust each joint separately, and you can’t adjust them all at once.

Thankfully there is a scale with degrees on each joint, so you’ll be able to find the exact position you need with ease. You can also open the manual from the manufacturer, where you can find the preferred positions and angles for each tray.

The Mouse Tray Could Be Larger

The only thing I wish was different regarding the mouse tray is the size. Although it fits most ergonomic mice, it’s slightly too small for the ones larger in size.

Final Verdict

It’s safe to say that the WorkEz Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter is one of the top highly customizable desk converters on the market. Aside from being such an affordable product, this kit includes three different trays you can adjust separately to achieve the perfect working position.

By investing in this product, you’ll save yourself from wrist pain, musculoskeletal conditions, improper back position, etc. In addition, the stand can hold weight up to 13 pounds and securely keeps all your equipment in place.