Wobble Stool Adjustable Height Active Sitting Chair

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3.6/5 on 14 June 2021

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If you’re going to be sitting for a long period of time at work, you might want to consider investing in an ergonomic stool. We’ll go into the benefits of active sitting in more depth later, but an ergonomic stool is a far healthier alternative to regular sitting. The ergonomic Wobble Stool is an ideal balancing chair for active sitting. This ergonomic office stool promotes a better sitting environment by allowing you to rock, swivel, tilt, lean, and burn calories while sitting. The Wobble Stool air is a fun, active sitting chair with an unstable cushion that keeps your core engaged and stimulates movement when sitting. Stools balance (or rather, keep you off balance) in a completely different way than chairs. To begin with, stools maintain their equilibrium at the base and swivel from there. 

This makes a significant impact on how they affect the user. The simple, lightweight design rolls into position and is comfortable to sit on. The seat was custom-designed to allow you to remain still or effortlessly engage your core for an active sitting experience! The Wobble Stool air is a fun active sitting stool that rolls into place quickly. It’s comfortable to sit on, yet the unusually unstable cushion exercises your core. Sit actively on this ergonomic balancing stool, which is sophisticated enough for the workplace yet entertaining enough to use anywhere. This stool is not only comfortable to sit on, but it is also simple to get up from, a feature that is sometimes ignored when assessing office furniture. Another advantage is that because they have a tiny footprint, you may buy numerous of them for your work without worrying about how much room they would take up. 

Active sitting is a technique for simulating the movements of standing and walking, strengthening the core muscles, and preventing the dreaded slump. Balance balls have shown to be an excellent educational alternative for youngsters. However, while they increase concentration, they have little effect on proper posture. This is best accomplished for adults using a solid, backless stool. This type of stool allows you to move about while sitting safely. It’s also just uncomfortably painful enough to encourage excellent posture. Because of the restricted seat area and lack of a back, you are naturally prompted to modify your posture regularly rather than slouching. Chairs marketed as “ergonomic chairs” are intended to accommodate a wide variety of individuals; nevertheless, there is no assurance that they will accommodate any one individual in particular. 

The Pros Of The Wobble Stool Adjustable Height Active Sitting Chair

Designed For Comfortability

The circular, frameless ergonomic seat, as well as the molded foam padding, add to the degree of comfort. The non-skid base provides optimal stability, allowing for rocking, swaying, or just sitting. Due to the unstable cushion, you’d have to balance to keep your posture, meaning that you’re less likely to suffer from discomfort. Having an unstable cushion helps to strengthen your core and keep you active. The rubberized, non-skid covering ensures maximum safety by gripping most surfaces. Please keep in mind that the seat does not swivel and is slightly smaller than most in comparison to similar chairs.

Perfect For All Types Of Flooring

The rubberized covering will grip practically any surface while remaining scratch-free. It automatically rests upright and does not require continual balancing effort. It’s also simple to put together, taking only four steps and requiring no equipment. This wobbling chair’s base is slightly rounded, providing for simple and secure movement. It automatically balances upright, letting you sit properly as well as rock or sway securely. The rubberized, non-skid covering ensures maximum safety by gripping most surfaces. Please keep in mind that the seat does not swivel and is slightly smaller than some of the other things on this list.

The Cons Of The Wobble Stool Adjustable Height Active Sitting Chair

Muscle Fatigue Is Possible While Sitting

Prolonged sitting causes low back pain and lumbopelvic muscle exhaustion. Sitting or laying down for an extended period increases your chances of developing chronic health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and various malignancies. Excessive sitting can also be detrimental to your mental health. Being active is not as difficult as you may believe. There are several simple methods to include physical activity in your daily routine.

Lack Of Armrests And Back Support

When you are sitting at the proper height (elbows at desk height), you will discover that you rarely need to utilize the armrests, unless to take a break or to get in and out of the chair. Having an armless chair allows for more diverse furniture use. These chairs may be used with a larger range of workstations without causing any problems. Armchairs may cause incorrect posture if they are incorrectly positioned or utilized. Injuries caused by prolonged sitting are a severe workplace health and safety issue. Sitting professions involve less muscular effort, but they do not protect people from the dangers of injury that are often associated with more physically demanding occupations.

Risk Of Falling

Climbing onto and off of the ergonomic active chair can put you at the risk of possibly falling due to the lack of support and mobility. Falling from a chair can result in a cracked or broken wrist, a fractured or broken arm, and significant elbow or shoulder injuries. 


Final Verdict

This is a fantastic stool for hairstylists or dental hygienists who must sit all day while working on patients. Adults who sit for eight hours a day miss out on the natural movements of standing and walking, which develop their back and core muscles. Many people have stated that standing while working relieves lower back discomfort. Unlike many other chairs, the hydraulics allow you to adjust to a higher or lower range. The seat adjustment lever is located in the rear, which may take some getting used to. Because of the wide saddle form, you must sit erect. This seat receives high honors for its distinctive saddle design, which reduces strain on the spine produced by prolonged sitting. Every aspect of its design exudes comfort, durability, and stability.


Active chairs are ideal for anyone who wishes to engage their core and get in a steady office exercise while doing office work. It’s also vital to understand that because of the way they balance, stools are simpler to get out of than active sitting chairs since you have more control. If transitioning from sitting to standing is difficult for you, a stool may be a better alternative, but if you truly want to become active, a chair is your best bet.