Do You Need The VIP3 Accessory Kit For Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard

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A day of typing and tinkering around on your keyboard is bound to leave you with sore wrists and sometimes aching forearms. You might simply chalk them down to hazards of the job, but the good news is that ergonomic products make it possible for you to do your work without simply having to tolerate these aches and pains! One of the more popular ergonomic products is a Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, with or without the VIP3 Accessory Kit for Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard

This accessory kit is an add-on product to enhance the way you use your ergonomic keyboard. Like footrests, standing workstations, and wrist pads, keyboard kits make for healthier and more comfortable typing. Keep reading to see why you need one of these nifty kits!

Pros And Cons

As great as ergonomic products are, they have pros and cons just like their non-ergonomic counterparts. It’s important to consider these pros and cons when you’re setting up a workstation at home or remodeling your regular office.

Do You Need The VIP3 Accessory Kit For Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard


Reduces Forearm Strain

It might not seem like it, but the way your traditional keyboard is set up is actually very bad for your wrists. This is because they’re designed in a way that forces you to type with your palms facing downwards.

Keeping your palms facing down for extended periods of time places pressure on your forearm muscles. As a result, you might find yourself suffering from repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or pinched nerves in your forearm.

When you attach the VIP3 Accessory Kit to your matching Freestyle2 keyboard, you allow your thumbs to lie in a less stressful typing position. Doing this eliminates tension and cramps in your hands and wrists.

Improves Circulation

Keeping your palms face down for long periods affects blood circulation. By using an ergonomic keyboard, your wrists have the support needed to keep your blood circulation going. Better blood circulation equals less strain and ultimately less chance of developing repetitive strain injuries.

Palm Supports

Unlike other tenting kits for ergonomic keyboards, the VIP3 Accessory Kit for Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard boasts cushioned palm pads designed specifically for typists who enjoy the benefits of palm supports.

Adjustable Height

The goal of ergonomic products is to find the perfect configuration between your body and your workstation. Since not everyone is the same height or works at the same comfort levels, this kit sports three different heights.

Height adjustments include 5, 10, and 15 degree tenting heights to create maximum comfort no matter what comfort level you prefer. You might prefer a specific height for normal typing and a different height for gaming. No problem! You can easily switch between heights without any difficulty!

Easy To Install

Another positive factor of ergonomic products is how easy they typically are to install. Keyboard kits are no different! The kit attaches to your Freestyle keyboard in a matter of seconds. It also doesn’t require the use of specialized tools, and can be removed just as easily at any time.

Compatible With Freestyle2 Keyboards

The VIP3 Accessory Kit for Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard is compatible with all KB800 series Kinesis keyboards; however, it must be noted that Freestyle Pro and Freestyle Edge aren’t compatible with this particular kit. If you have one of those keyboards, you should purchase those complementing tenting kits instead.

Reputable Brand

If you’re a little bit skeptical about the brands of products you buy for your home office, you’ll be delighted to know that Kineses is quite reputable. Founded in 1991, the Kinesis brand has been designing keyboards contoured to individual needs for over 30 years. Kinesis is a market leader in hardware used for the treatment and prevention of RSI and carpal tunnel conditions.

Used With Or Without Pivot/Tether

Since a Freestyle2 keyboard is a split keyboard, its two pieces are connected with a pivot tether. For some typists, it’s more comfortable to have a larger space between the two modules, so the kit can be used without the tether if desired.

Stabilizing Factor

Some desktop keyboards are bouncy and slightly unstable. While this might be largely as a result of the surface the keyboard is on, it can be quite uncomfortable, not to mention bad for your wrists. Fortunately, this kit keeps your Freestyle2 keyboard stable so there’s no uncomfortable bounce.

VIP3 Accessory Kit for Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard


Uncomfortable With Some Wrist Pads

Many people add wrist pads to their ergonomic product arsenal; however, not all wrist pads are compatible with all keyboard kits. With the height of the keyboard and the support of the wrist pad, your wrist might be in an awkward position. This could lead to more strain on your wrist.

A tip here would be to measure your preferred keyboard height as well as the height provided by your wrist pad. This will ensure that your products complement each other!

Final Verdict

If you’re one of those people who spend an abnormal amount of time on your keyboard, you might be heading toward painful wrists and forearm muscle strain. The best way to deal with this situation is to opt for the right type of ergonomic product.

If you’re already using the Freestyle2 keyboard, you might already have noticed a significant decrease in your wrist and forearm pain. By adding the VIP3 Accessory Kit for Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard to your ergonomic arsenal, you’ll be able to get through a mountain of keyboard work or gaming without any aches or pains!

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