Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Review

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Chances are, your desk may be too high for your keyboard to best align your keyboard. This adjustable keyboard tray retrofits your existing desk to give you a host of adjustments. You can raise, swivel, tilt, and slide your keyboard to the perfect position. We really recommend that whatever tray you use, that it lets you tilt the keyboard away from you slightly (otherwise known as negative tilt), and provides a platform to allow you to use your mouse with your upper arms relaxed and close to your body. This tray allows for these adjustments.

I like that the keyboard and mouse can have individual tilts! This is not common and allows for really fine grain adjustsments.

From the manufacturer:

KT1 is a fully ergonomic under-desk computer keyboard tray. We designed the KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray to include the ergonomic features and simple adjustability you need for optimal typing comfort – Raise, Tilt, Swivel & Slide keyboards to the perfect position. KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is adjustable in angle, letting you type with a neutral or negative tilt, and height (from about 4.5” below to desk level). It’s easy to adjust KT1 Keyboard Tray via the single locking lever (locking tension is adjustable). KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray slides completely under your desk and swivels 360.

KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray’s mouse pad is independently adjustable in angle, which allows your mouse to be level even if you’re typing with a negative tilt. The ambidextrous mouse pad connects to either the right or left side and the distance between the mouse panel and keyboard panel is adjustable to optimize shoulder. KT1 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray comes with a premium mouse pad to ensure your mouse runs smoothly and non-skid strips on the keyboard panel to hold keyboards in place if you’re typing with a negative tilt.

You can’t go wrong with this model, if you have room with your current desk to install. Check on the latest pricing for the Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray.

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